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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch10

HM Chapter 10: Disinfection and Sterilization

What is a less lethal process than sterilization, which kills disease causing micro-organisms? Disinfection
iodophors are classified at what level disinfectant? intermediate level disinfectant
What level disinfectant is glutaraldehyde solutions? high level disinfectants
Chlorine Dioxide Solutions are considered what level disinfectant? high level disinfectants
Phenolics are classified as what level disinfectant? intermediate level disinfectant
All semi-critical category items should receive what level of disinfection? high-level disinfection
What is the highest level of contamination control? sterilization
All non-critical category items require at least what level disinfection? intermediate level disinfection
What process of cleaning surgical instruments is safer and more effective than manual scrubbing? ultrasonic cleaning
How full should the ultrasonic cleaner reservoir be at all times? 1/2 to 3/4 full
ultrasonic cleaning time should be limited to how long to avoid damage to instruments? 5 minutes
Heat sealed overwrapping extends a 30 day shelf life to what? 180 days
what is the shelf life of paper envelope sealed with sterilization tape? 365 days
What is the shelf life of nonwoven blue wrap? 30 days
What is the shelf life of nonwoven blue wrap that is plastic covered and heat sealed? 365 days
What is the shelf life of peel plastic packs, heat sealed or self sealed? 365 days
What is the shelf life of parchment paper of dennison wrap? 30 days
What is the most dependable and economical method of sterilization? steam under pressure (autoclave)
what autoclave is the most modern and economical to operate and least time to sterilize a single load? prevacuum, high temperature
All navy prevacuum sterilizers will be tested how often using the Bowie-Dick type test? daily
What is the one liquid chemical capable of rendering an item sterile? glutaraldehyde
Created by: RabbittDK10
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