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Stufflet Unit 13 Eur

Unit 13 Euro

Adowa battle in which Italy lost 6,000 soldiers to Ethiopians in 1894
De Beers diamond company founded by Cecil Rhodes
Herbert Spencer he applied Darwin’s concept of “natural selection” to ENTIRE groups of people
the civilizing mission the French concept that said it was their duty to spread French culture to "inferior" peoples
the White Man's Burden the British concept that said it was their duty to spread British culture to "inferior" peoples
Rudyard Kipling British poet who popularized the notion of the White Man's Burden
Social imperialism idea that the “New” Imperialism was caused by a desire to alleviate the social problems caused by industrialization
peripheral explanation idea that the “New” Imperialism was caused by the Europeans’ desire to protect their established interests from being seized by native peoples
J A Hobson critic of imperialism; said rush to acquire colonies was due to capitalism’s need to invest surplus money
Joseph Conrad author whose Heart of Darkness criticized European greed and racism
opium product grown in India that reversed the balance of trade between Britain and China
Treaty of Nanking ended the First Opium War; gave Hong Kong to Britain
Algeria north African colony of France
Boer Dutch farmer in South Africa
Afrikaans language of Dutch farmers in South Africa
Great Trek movement of Dutch farmers inland after British took Cape Town in South Africa
Scramble for Africa The European takeover of the rest of the African continent from 1882-1900
Boer War conflict between British and Dutch Afrikaners over control of South Africa from 1899-1902
Cecil Rhodes British imperialist in Africa; established diamond trade and gold mines
Henry Stanley British explorer who explored Congo for Belgian king
King Leopold II king of Belgium who conquered and exploited Congo for rubber wealth
Berlin Conference International conference on Africa that established the principle of “effective occupation”
Great Rebellion of 1857 last traditional rebellion against British rule in India
Meiji Restoration period in which Japan modernized along western lines
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