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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch.5

HM Chapter 5: Medical Logistics

What encompasses the acquisition, accounting, sustainment, and disposition fo assets withing the DON? Logistics
Who works to ensure proper fiscal administration by directives, principles, and policies prescribed by the Comptroller of the Navy? NAVMEDLOGCOM, Navy Medical Logistics Command
In this division, commercial procurement actions take place? Purchasing
This division screens all requisitions to verify that items are available from a mandatory government source of supply? Technical review
This division plans and directs operations necessary to physically receive and control incoming and outgoing supplies and equipment for storage, direct turnover to the customer, or shipment to remote sites? Warehouse/Storeroom/Receipt control
This division is responsible for the inventory management aspect of the material held in the warehouse or purchase for direct issue to a customer? Stock Control
This division administers the commands property utilization and disposal program? Equipment Management
This division administers the medical/dental equipment preventive and corrective maintenance prgrams? Biomedical Equipment Maintenance (BIOMED)
This division plans and directs operations necessary to order and receive materiel for working stock supplies? Central Supply
What are predetermined stock levels maintained in the customers working space based on established usage? PAR levels
What is NAVSUP P-485? Naval Supply Systems Command Manual
The act fo obtaining materials or services? Procurement
Refers to the dollar limitation and acquisition methods the command and purchasing agents are restricted to when placing orders? Contracting Authority
When appropriated funds have been approved and set aside by the fiscal officer for acquisition and/or services? Commitment
When a qualified pruchasing agent enters into a contractual agreement therby obligating the Government with a vendor for goods and/or services? Obligation
When a government representative, lacking the authority to enter into a contract on behalf of the government, enters into an agreement with a vendor for goods and/or services. Unauthorized Commitment
The process in which an unauthorized commitment is reviewed by designated personnel. Ratification
The time it takes for the Purchasing Agent to place an order against a requisition. Procurement Administrative Lead Time (PALT)
An acquisition of authorized supplies or services that do not exceed the current competitive threshold of $3000. Micro-Purchase
A source for the purchase of non-medical administrative materiel, including cleaning gear. SERVMART
Requisitions exceeding the current competitive threshold of $3000 must receive quotes from a minimum of three vendors, unless a valid sole source justification is provided. Competitive Threshold
Supplies that are consumed or disposed of after use. Consumable
An order from an activity that is requesting material or services from another activity. Requisition
Material under the control of an inventory manager and identified by a National Item Identification Number (NIIN). Standard Stock
What is the annual budget of an activity and is assigned by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)? The Operating Budget
What is VOL I of the NAVSUP P-485? Naval Supply Procedures, Afloat
What is VOL II of the NAVSUP P-485? Naval Supply Procedures, Supply Appendices
What is VOL III of the NAVSUP P-485? Naval Supply Procedures, Ashore
Every item in the FSC is identified by a 13-digit stock number referred to as what? National Stock Number (NSN)
This measurement indicates the quantity of an item, over and above the operating level, that should be maintained to ensure that operations will continue if replenishment supplies are not received on time? Safety Level
This measurement indicates the minimum quantity of a stock item that is required to support current operations? Stockage Objective
This measurement indicates the quantity of materiel required to sustain operations during the interval between arrival of successive replenishment shipments, normally seven days of supply? Operating Level
This measurement indicates the maximum quantity of a stock item that should be kept on hand and on order to support operations. Requisitioning Objective:
BUMED controlled inventory items from $100-<$249 are requisitioned via what form? NAVMED 6700/13
BUMED controlled inventory items greater than $250 is requisitioned via what form? NAVMED6700/12
What form is used to order standard stock items that have National Stock Numbers? DD 1348
What form is used to requisition material that cannot be identified by an NSN? DD 1348-6
What is DD 1149? Requisition and Invoice Shipping Document
What is DD 1155? Order for Supplies and Services
What type of inventory is conducted annually and is a physical count of all material within a specific storeroom? Bulkhead-to-bulkhead
What type of inventory is a physical count of all items under the same cognizance symbol or FSC? Specific Commodity Inventory
What is an unschedule type of physical inventory verifying the existence of a specific item? Spot Inventory
What type of inventory is required of items with a relatively high turnover rate? Velocity Inventory
How many inches below sprinkler heads must boxes be stored? 18 inches
What three things must the end use receiver do regardless of the type of receipt document? Date the document, circle the quantity accepted and sign the document to indicate receipt
What is an SF 364? Report of Discrepancy
What method is used for stock rotation? First in, First out (FIFO)
What includes all types of compressed gases and materials that present a fire hazard or are otherwise dangerous? Hazardous material
Who establishes regulations regarding the rights fo employees to know the potential dangers associate with hazardous chemicals in the workplaces? Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
what type of stock is used to store material unsuitable for issue? Suspended or "J" Stock
Corrective maintenance for the repair of equipment breakage or malfunctions. Unscheduled Maintenance
Equipment that normally requires no scheduled maintenance. No maintenance required (NMR)
Called preventive maintenance (PM) ashore and preventive maintenance system (PMS) afloat? Scheduled Maintenance
What is property that has an acquisition cost greater than $5,000 and less than $250,000? Minor Personal Property
any asset that has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or less? Sub-Minor Personal Property
Has an acquisition cost equal to or greater than $250,000, recovery period greater than or equal to 24 months, not intended for sale in the ordinary course of operations? Capitalized Personal Property
What form is used to document equipment that is lost, damaged, stolen or destroyed? DD 200, Report of Survey
What is the basic source document used to sustain supply block management? AMAL, Authorized Medical Allowance List
What is the minimum amount of medical/dental material to be maintained by an operational platform or on order at any given time. ADAL/AMAL
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