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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch.3

HM Chapter 3: Healthcare Administration Programs

What is a computer-based enrollment and eligibility verification system? DEERS
What is the form for Uniformed Services Identification and Privelege Card application? DD 1172
Patients who present without a valid ID card but are in the database will not be seen by a provider without what? Without first signing a statement of eligibility.
What happens if a patient fails to provide a valid ID card within 30 days after signing a statement of eligibility in order to be seen? The patient will be billed as a civilian humanitarian.
What are the reason for ineligibility on a DEERS check? Sponsor not in DEERS, family member not in DEERS, passed terminal eligiblity date, sponsor seperated from AD, spouse is divorced, child is married, SECNAV Designee.
Under no circumstances will the clerk performing the eligibility check do what? Deny the requested care
What are the nine DEERS eligibility overrides? DD 1172, all other family recently eligible, new id card, sponsor entered AD greater than 30 days, newborns, emergency care, sponsor duty station outside US, Survivors.
What are DEERS eligibility exception? SECNAV designee and Foreign military personnel
What is a patients expressed or inmplied agreement to submit to treatment or examination? Consent
The duty to inform and explain consent rests with who and cannot be delegate? The provider.
It is not advisable for who to witness consent? a relative of the patient
What two federal statutes combine to establish the criteria for collecting, maintaining, and releasing medical treatment records? Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act
What was enacted into law in 1996 to provide safeguards for protected health information to ensure patient privacy is maintained? Health Information Portability and Accountability Act or HIPAA.
What statute enacted in 1956 states it is unlawful for the US military to be used to enforce or assist in the enforcement of federal or state civil laws? Posse Comitatus Act
what is OPNAVINST 1752.1? Sexual Assault Victim Intervention Program (SAVI)
Created by: RabbittDK10
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