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NAVEDTRA 14295B Ch.2

HM Chapter 2: Expeditionary Healthcare Administration

What is NAVMED P-117? Manual of the Medical Department
What is BUMEDINST 5210.9? Forms and Reports Management Program
All important occurrences are reported by the SMDR to the OOD for entry in what? The duty log or journal of the command.
What items need to be reported by the SMDR? Severe injuries, conditions that affect the health of the crew, and damage or loss of medical and dental equipment.
A memorandum for the record is prepared in accordance with what? SECNAVINST 5216.5, DON Correspondence Manual
What is an administrative management tool used to track the medical and dental readiness of every active duty and reserve sailor and marine? MRRS,MEDICAL READINESS REPORTING SYSTEM
What system was developed to meet the need to record, report and evaluate the maintenance requirements of the fleet and provide the tools to plan, schedule, and control planned maintenance effectively? The standard Navy Maintenance and Material Management System
What is OPNAVINST 5215.17? Navy Directives Issuance System
What is OPNAVINST 4790.4? Ships Maintenance and Material Management System 3-M
What are the two basic types of directives? Permanent and Temporary
What is used to issue changes to instructions and notices? Change transmittal
All information to prepare naval correspondence can be found where? In SECNAVINST 5216.5, DON Correspondence Manual
What is SECNAVINST 5210.8? DON Records Management Program
What is used to review and correct any IMR deficiencies? The PHA, Periodic Health Assessment
What dental class means that no dental treatment is needed? Class 1
What dental class is an individual who needs a dental exam or has oral conditions that are unknown? Class 4
What dental class is any oral condition that will result in an emergency within the next 12 months? Class 3
What dental class is an oral condition, if not treated, does not have the potential to become an emergency within the next 12 months? Class 2
A BAS is normally comprised of how many corpsman and how many medical officers? 2 Medical Officers and 65 HM's
What is the primary mission of the medical battalion? Casualty collection, emergency treatment, temporary hospitalization, specialized surgery, and evacuation
Fleet hospitals are designed to be used in operations greater than what? 60 days
How many Naval Mobile Construction Battalions are there? A total of 8 NMCB's home ported in Gulfport, MS and Port Hueneme, CA.
Created by: RabbittDK10
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