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Headquarters' Navy Occupational Safety and Health (NAVOSH) Program

What instruction governs "Headquarters Navy Occupational Safety and Health Program"? BUMEDINST 5100.14
What Form is "Dispensary Report" OPNAV 5100/9
What Form is "Employee Report of Unsafe or Unhealthful Working Conditions" OPNAV 5100/11
What Form is "NAVOSH Deficiency Notice (NDN)" OPNAV 5100/12
What Form is utilized to report a "Motor Vehicle Accident" SF 91
What Form describes the "Log of Navy Injuries and Occupational Illnesses" OPNAV 5102/7
Who's responsibility is to establish the policy and goals of the OSH Program? Chief of Staff (COS)
The _______ Plans, directs and administers the activity/command OSH Program. OSH Office
The _______ acts in an advisory capacity on OSH matters to the COS and all levels of supervision OSH Office
________ provide an opportunity for multiple OSH viewpoints and interests of various groups and individuals to be expressed OSH Committees
How many types of OSH Committees 2 TYPES, OSH Policy Committe & Employee OSH Committee
How often do OSH Policy Committee meet? Quarterly basis
How often do Employee OSH Committee meet? Bi-Monthly basis
What is the frequency of OSH Committee meetings in general? Quarterly & Bi-Weekly
What type of "Hazard Control" is recommended where equipment failures would disable the system or cause severe injury. Lock-out & Tag-out methods
Which department is primarily responsible for directing and supervising an effective BUMED Hazard Control Program? The Safety Office(OSH)
Which department ensures a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is provided for all hazardous materials acquired? The Supply Department
Who must ensure daily inspections are made of their areas of responsibility? Supervisors
Which department arranges formal inspections & surveys of all BUMED Headquarters' facilities and operations? The Safety Office(OSH)
How often are inspections & surveys conducted at facilities by the OSH Office? Annually
Created by: RabbittDK10
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