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Navy Safety and Occupational Health Program:App B5, Ch.B2 and B5

What does (db) stand for? dry-bulb (db)
What does (wb) stand for? wet-bulb (wb)
What does (gt) stand for? globe temperature (gt)
What shall be conducted to obtain accurate and reliable data on heat-stress conditions? Record (db, wb, and gt) readings
Why must both wb and db thermometers be shielded from radiant heat? To determine the effects of airflow
Why must the wb also be properly ventilated? To determine the effects of airflow
What does the measurement of a globe thermometer provide? Provides a value representing radiant and convection heat transfers to or from the body.
What does the Navy use to measure effects of airflow, radiant, and convection heat transfers to or from the body? Wet bulb-globe temperature (WBGT) meter or an automated heat stress system (AHSS).
What is a single number that reads the dry bulb, wet bulb and globe temperature readings that is calculate into one single number? The WBGT index
What is used to calculate an individual's permissible heat exposure limit? The WBGT index, and individual’s physical exertion level.
What is the appropriate repeated exposure to heat stress that causes a series of physiologic adaptations? Acclimatization
How long does it take to acquire heat acclimatization? 3 to 4 weeks
What does this chapter (b2) provide? Guidelines to heat-stress control and personnel protection for most shipboard operating conditions.
Who gets the initial report of ships inability of ship to correct heat-stress conditions aboard the ship? The immediate superior in command (ISIC)
How many WGBT Thermometers stowed aboard at all times? 2
Who provides training to divisions on heat-stress health hazards, symptoms, prevention, and first aid procedures, upon request? The MDR
Who provides heat-stress trouble-shooting and recommended repair actions? The supply officer, air boss and other department heads.
Where are Record all heat-stress related deficiencies on? Current Ship’s Maintenance Project (CSMP)
How can personnel conducting a survey validate the WBGT index? By using the WBGT formula
What is the WBGT formula? WBGT = (0.1 x DB) + (0.7 x WB) + (0.2 x GT)
How shall the heat-stress surveyor shall record all non-automated survey readings to the nearest ___F? 0.1°F
Where does the heat-stress survey record all non-automated survey readings? Heat-Stress Survey Sheet
How many meter readings should the surveyor compare when reading WBGT's? 2
What should the WBGT readings be rounded to what closest temperature? 0.2°F
What does PHEL stand for? Physiological Heat Exposure Limits
How long are you expected to stand routine watches? Normally 4 hours
What is the PHEL level limit for Routine watches? III
How many hours of continuous sleep per 24 hours is recommended? 6
What type of tablets should not be taken under heat stress environments? Salt Tablets
What should be limited when under a heat stress environment? Caffeine
What form is used to document all confirmed cases of a heat disorder? Heat/Cold Case NAVMED 6500/1
Where all NAVMED 6500/1 forms sent? NAVENVIRHLTHCEN
When shall a Mishap Report be submitted? When there's a heat-stress case that results in 5 or more lost workdays
How many PHEL curves were developed? 6
Which is the lightest (in workload) PHEL curve? I
Which is the Heaviest(in workload) PHEL curve? VI
What is Chapter B4 about? Hearing Conservation
What does HC stand for? Hearing Conservation
To prevent occupational hearing loss and assure auditory fitness for duty of all Navy personnel, is what? The goal of Hearing Conservation
What is the Fleet's number one occupational health hazard? Noise-induced hearing loss
What Includes gun or missile fire, aircraft noise, and ship’s propulsion systems? High intensity noise exposure
Who maintains a record of noise hazardous areas and equipment? The Safety Officer
Who ensures that there is proper calibration of sound level measuring equipment? Industrial hygiene officers
Who ensures personnel exposed to hazardous noise have proper hearing protection devices? Division Officers
Who is responsible for conducting orientation to HC and personal hearing protection for all hands during indoctrination? MDR
How does the Navy try to reduce the potential for High intensity noise exposure, during the construction process? Through Noise Abatement
What are the combination of insert type and circumaural (muff) type hearing protective devices (double protection)? PERSONAL HEARING PROTECTIVE DEVICES
What are the Reference (Baseline) Hearing Tests recorded on? DD Form 2215
What type of test is a base line hearing test? Only an initial one
What happens to personnel assigned to duties in a designated noise hazardous area? They get tested annually
What form is used to document the results of the annual hearing test? DD Form 2216
Why are the annual hearing test administered for? Hearing conservation
If a patient complains and goes to sick call due to issues with hearing, where are the results from the patients complaints documented on? SF Form 600
What are the annual hearing test for Hearing Conservation called? Audiogram
How often is Refresher training concerning HC, conducted? Annually
What is NOEL? Navy Occupational Exposure Level
What is a TWA? Time Weighted Average
What is the NOEL for an 8-hour time-weighted average (TWA) in any 24-hour period: 84 dBA
What is the NOEL peak pressure of noise? 140 dBA
How often are HC testing instruments calibrated? Annually
What command is in contacted for HC testing instruments calibration? NAVENVIRHLTHCEN Norfolk
What is a work area considered when it exceeds NOEL limits? It's considered a noise hazardous area
What is Chapter B5 about? Sight Conservation
Who is in charge of Maintaining a current listing of all areas and processes that require eye protection and those areas that require eye wash or deluge shower facilities. The Safety Officer
Where is a list of eye hazardous areas and processes produced? In a baseline industrial hygiene survey
Who is in charge of ensuring that areas identified as eye hazardous are properly marked and labeled? The Division Officers
Who is in charge of ensuring personnel use proper eye protective devices when required? The Division Officers
Who will provide personnel who require corrective lenses and work in eye hazard areas, with prescription eye wear with side shields? The MDR
What are these type of elements called? Eyewash facilities, List of Eye Hazard Areas/Processes Issue and maintenance of sight protection equipment. SIGHT CONSERVATION ELEMENTS
"CAUTION, Eye Protection Required In This Area" is what standardized label? Eye Hazard sign
What form is used for eye prescription form? DD 771
How many minutes should the process of disinfecting safety eye wear be? 10 minutes
Who do you immediately report damage to protective eye wear to? Your work center Supervisor
Approved emergency eyewash equipment shall be capable of flushing the eyes with potable water at a minimum flow rate of ____? 0.4 gallons per minute for 15 continuous minutes
What color code does “EMERGENCY EYEWASH STATION” sign have? Green sign with white lettering
Created by: RabbittDK10
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