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Manual of the Medical Department Ch. 16

What is the purpose of the medical record? To provide an individual chronological record of medical treatment afforded members of naval service.
What are the three major catagories of primary records. Health records, outpatient records, and inpatient records
What are the three types of secondary records commonly used? Convenience records, temporary records, and ancillary records
Each Medical Treatment Facility or medical department must develop policies to ensure the record is __1____and the patient's __2___ is protected. 1. secure 2. privacy
The medical record is the property of the __ __________ and must be maintained by the MTF or DTF which has primary cognizance over the care of the patient. U.S Government
What color would a record be for SSN 123-45-6789? Pink NAVMED 6150/28
What color would a record be for SSN 987-65-4321? Yellow NAVMED 6150/22
What would be the Family Member Prefix be for the third child? 03
What would be the Family Member Prefix be for foreign military personnel? 99
For nonactive duty records, when should the record be retired? 2 years of non movement
What is the retirement year for record with the color of yellow? 2005,2011
What is used to file Health records, outpatient, and inpatient records? Terminal digit filing system (TDFS)
Records may be filed in alphabetical order be patient's last names in files housing of how many? 200 or fewer records
What is the primary group of the following SSN: 123-45-6789? 89
What is the second group of the following SSN: 123-45-6789? 67
What is the second group of the following SSN: 123-45-6789? 67
If a member was retired or separated prior to 31 January 1994, his/her medical and dental records were sent to _____. National Personnel Records Center (NPRC)
If a member was retired or separated after 31 January 1994, his/her medical and dental records were sent to _______ Department of Vetern Affairs (DVA)
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