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Control of Communicable Diseases in Man: Gonococcal Infections

Gonococcal infection generally presents as an acute purulent discharge from the anterior urethra with dysuria within 2–7 days after exposure shows that there is a? Gonococcal Infection in Males
The presence of mucopurulent or purulent discharge Gonococcal Infection in Males
Gram stain of urethral discharge showing 5 or more WBC per oil immersion field shows that there is a? Gonococcal Infection in Males
The Gram stain is highly sensitive and specific for documenting urethritis shows that there is a? Gonococcal Infection in Males
What is the percentage of asymptomatic symptoms of Gonococcal Infection in Males? Small
Infection is followed by the development of mucopurulent cervicitis (MPC) shows that there is a? Gonococcal Infection in Females
Sometimes when there is a abnormal amount of vaginal discharge and vaginal bleeding after intercourse shows that there is a? Gonococcal Infection in Females
Pruritus, tenesmus and discharge. Anorectal infections
Who gets Conjunctivitis during a Gonococcal Infection? Newborns
What does, rapidly untreated Septicemia cause in Adults? Blindness
What is another term that is used to describe Septicemia? Disseminated Gonococcal Infection, or DGI
What is the percentage of all cases of gonococcal infections, that result in arthritis, skin lesions and endocarditis and meningitis? .5 - 1%
Generally speaking, is death common in cases of gonoccal infection? No
What two most common causes that seriously complicate the clinical diagnosis of gonorrhea? Nongonococcal urethritis (NGU) and MPC
What causes about 30%–40% of NGU in most industrialized countries? Chlamydial infections
How are the Diagnosis of gonococcal infection is made? by Gram stain
Where can, typical Gram-negative intracellular diplococci can be considered diagnostic? In male urethral smears
What is the rate of reliability of intracellular diplocci smears? 90%–97% (males only)
What is the significance of the following terms: 1) Men who have sex with men 2)Minority/Ethnic groups 3)Communities with a lower socioeconomic populace? At a higher risk for Gonococcal Infection
What does the resistance to common antimicrobials, either through chromosomal mutations or acquisition of plasmids indicate? The widespread of N. gonorrhoeae
Gonococcal Infection is strictly a human disease? T or F T
Contact with exudates from mucous membranes of infected people (STD)? Mode of transmission
Generally, What is the incubation period? 1-14 days
How long can untreated infections be extended? Months in untreated individuals
How long will it take for infection treatment take to stop the spread of the STD? Effective treatment ends communicability within hours
What form of female contraception may increase the risk of acquiring gonorrhea? Hormonal contraception
What form of female contraception has a protective influence against Gonorrhea? The diaphragm
What part of the body is susceiptible to Gonococcus Infections? The columnar and transitional epithelium
How are the eyes of newborns with Gonococcus Infectious treated? By using of prophylactic agents in the eyes.
How are newborns and prepubertal children given antimicrobial therapy to treat GI? Parenterally
How are newborns and prepubertal children given antimicrobial therapy to treat GI? Parenterally
How long are children that have been treated for GI, isolated? 24 hours
From how many days should all cases of last sexual contact with an infected person, be examined, tested and treated? 60 days
The cervix, rectum and urethra in adults Places to receive dosage to treatment of all uncomplicated gonococcal infections.
Created by: RabbittDK10
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