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Immunization Requirements and Recommendations

What is BUMEDNOTE 6230 designed to do? Designed to provide Immunization requirements and recommendations and to introduce adult and child immunization forms.
How often should childhood and adolecent vaccination schedule be revised? The CDC recommends that childhood and adolecent vaccination schedule be revised annually and is published in January.
When should immunization status be reviewed? Should be reviewed as part of each medical visit and should receive them promptly.
Where should given vaccines be documented? PHS 731 (The Yellow Card), DEERS, and the NAVMED 6230/4 and 6230/5.
Where should vaccines not be documented? Do not use DD2766 because it does not accomidate entryof all required data.
What is the required information for doucumentation? Date, Manufacturer, lot #, Dose, site and route of admistration, VIS (if req), name and address of person administering the vaccine.
What program is the preferred Navy service electronic system for capturing imms? SAMs
How is/are navy reserve imms tracked? Tracked with the use RAMIS. The Marine Corps Reserve is tracked using SAMS
Anthrax 6 doses, .5ml SC each 0,2 and 4 weeks and 6, 12 and 18 months. Annual booster, 0.5 ml SC
Hep A Varries with vaccine preparation.
Hep B 3 IM doses. 0,1, and 6 months No boosters.
Hep A/B combination. 3 IM doses. 0,1, and 6 months No boosters.
Inactive Polio 1 dose, 0.5 ML SC
Influenza 1 dose annually,
MMR 1 dose, 0.5 ML SC
Meningococcal 1 dose, 0.5 ML SC. Booster 1 dose every 5 years.
Pneumococcal 1 dose, 0.5 ML SC or IM Booster if in high risk, every 5 years.
Rabies Post exposure: 5 doses 1.0 ml SC each 0,3,7,14, and 28 days.
Td 1 dose: 0.5ml IM Booster 1 dose every 10 years
Typhoid 4 dose; 1 capsule PO every other day. repeat every 5.
Typhoid (typum) 1 dose / 0.5 ml IM One dose every 2 years.
Varicella 2 doses/ 0.5 ml SC 4-8 weeks apart no booster
Yellow Fever 1 dose/ 0.5 ml SC Booster 1 dose every 10 years.
Where is Imms data for active duty entered? DEERS
Who is responsible for entering the imms data into the electronic system for capturing imms? The command that administers the imms.
What is the prefered Navy service electronic system for capturing imms? The Shipboard Non-Tactical ADP Program (SNAP) Automated Medical System (SAMS)
Data for Navy Reservist will be tracked thru? Reserve Automated Medical Interim System. (RAMIS)
Data for the USMC Reservist will be tracked thru? SAMS
A central repository for all SAMS imms data collected resides where? Resides at the Naval Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC). Collected in SAMS on a weekly basis.
Where does the imms data from the Naval Reserve be transmitted? DEERS
T/F: The use of jet injectors for routine imms is authorized. False: the use of jet injectors for routine imms is prohibited unless specifically authorized by BUMED.
T/F: Doses given at less than the recommended interval may not provide adequate antibody response and should not be counted as part of the primary series. True. Restarting or adding extra doses is not necessary when an intitial series of avaccine or toxoid is interrupted because increasing the interval between doses in a series does not diminish imms efficacy.
What must be done with pt that have shown previous rxn to a specific imms? Defer individual with reported hypersensitivity to imms or components from immunization and refer to an allergy specialist.
If a live virus must be administered to a women, what must you do? Advise the women to avoid getting pregnant for 1 month following imms against: measles, mumps, smallpox or varicella (chicken pox).
How long should a women avoid becoming pregnant if they are admistered rubella or MMR? 3 months.
Where do you report adverse events after immunizations? Must be reported unsing the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. (VAERS)
What imms must be administered for initial training for military personnel? Adenovirus (Enlisted only), HEP A, polio, influenza, MMR, Meningococcal, Td, HEP B, yellow fever, and varicella.
What forms are used to document imms? NAVMED 6230/4, NAVMED 6230/5, PHS 731, SF600, and VAERS if a adverse rxn occured.
Created by: RabbittDK10
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