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POLS Questions 1

Study questions for Exam 1

Why does Congress have committees? They promote specialization and provide debate structure. Committees are where most of Congress's work occurs.
True or False: The Senate MUST compromise in order to function correctly True!
How does the Senate rule? Unanimous consent
What portion of the House is necessary to override a veto? 2/3
Who appoints the Rules Committee? The Speaker
Is the Rules Committee part of the Senate or the House? The House
Who sets the debate rules? Rules Committee
What does a Discharge Petition do? Takes a Bill out of its committee and gives it to the House
True or False: Most Bills get reported False
What percent of Bills get reported? Less than 99%
What happens when a Bill is approved? It is sent to the larger house for consideration
Who approves the Bills? The assigned Committee
Where do the Hearings for Bills take place? Sub-committee and Committee level
Who assigns Bills to a Committee? Speaker or the Majority Leader
Who writes proposed Bills? Interest Groups
Does the Senate require a majority vote? No
Which is more independent, the House or the Senate? The Senate
How is the House organized? Centralized, leaders with more control over process, specialization
Who's interests does the Senate represent? State and the Nation as a whole
How is the House designed to function? Represent local interests
How many people does one House member represent? 700,000
How were Senators originally appointed? By state legislators
Which Amendment requires that Senators be elected directly by the people? 17th Amendment
What is the Senate designed to do? Represent the elite & consider long-range effects
What fraction of the Senate is up for re-election every year? 1/3
How long is one term in the senate? 6 years
How many members does the Senate have? 100
What makes the House unique from other sections of government? It was the first designed to represent people directly
How long has the house had 435 members? Since 1913
How are House members appointed? Elected by district voters
How many members are in the House? 435
Do members of the House have to live in their district? No, just in their state
Where does the term "Wall of separation" come from? A letter by Thomas Jefferson
What kind of speech is not protected? Obscenity
Does the government have to support your free speech? No
How is the term, "censorship" misused? Censorship only applies to government punishment for expression, not corporations firing employees for what they say
What kind of speech is the most important? Political speech
Do Civil Liberties protect people from companies? No
Who determines Civil Liberties? Supreme Court
How are Civil Liberties different from Civil Rights? Civil rights protect groups by the government, Civil liberties protect individuals from the government
What is direct action? Masses of people getting involved outside the ballot box
What is the name of the act that deemed same sex marriage unconstitutional? Defense of Marriage Act of 1996
Why is the 14th Amendment so important? The Government cannot enforce Civil Rights without it
What is necessary for Civil Rights to be carried out? Government Action
Who do Civil Rights protect and what do they protect them from? Groups from discrimination & Minorities from majorities
What changes did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 make? Banned poll taxes, literacy tests, and subjected southern states to federal oversight
What did Title IX do? Gives girls more opportunities in school
Originally, how many votes were necessary to end a filibuster? 67/100
Who gave a 14 hour speech at the 57 day filibuster? Senator Robert Byrd
How long did the Southern Democratic Senators filibuster the Civil Rights Act? 57 days
What did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 accomplish? Outlawed segregation, cut funding from discriminatory programs, and created equal employment opportunities & commission
What are the three Reconstruction Amendments? 13, 14, and 15
Created by: SierraStabler
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