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Ocular Diseases #8

Questions for Lasers (Last stack for Midterm)

PRP (Pan Retinal Photocoagulation) is used to treat what three things? Diabetic neovascularization (proliferative diabetic retinopathy) / Rubeosis Iridis- neovascularization of the iris / Central Retinal Vein Occlusion with areas of non-perfusion (ischemia)
What does PRP do? Treats ischemia- areas of non-perfusion to reduce stimulus for neovascularization.
Retinal photocoagulation is usually performed using the following what eye drops? Phenylephrine (mydriatic) / Cyclopentolate (cycloplegic) to dialate the pupils.
Clinically significant macular edema may be treated with ____________________ and _________________. Focal Argon Laser, Anti-VEGF agents (focal Rx is used to treat leakage spots just outside maculae)
What laser is used to close off retinal holes? Argon Laser
What eye drop is used to prevent post-laser IOP pressure rise? Apraclonidine (an alpha adrenergic, also known as Iopidine.)
Apraclonidine is instilled before and following _____ and ______ in gluacoma Rx. ALT, SLT
Refractive surgery for myopia/astigmatism and hyperopia is performed with _____________. Excimer Laser
Which dye is injected IV for PDT (photo dynamic therapy)? Verteporfin
PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) is used to treat? Wet ARMD
The new Femtosecond laser can perform what four proceedures? Cut flap for LASIK / Cut anterior capsulotomy in cataract surgery / Soften the cataract / Perform astigmatic incisions
Which laser for glaucoma can be used multiple times because of less collateral damage? SLT- Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty
Which laser can only be used once? ALT- Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty.
Created by: Leequa