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4790.2B CH-1 Ch. 3

Maintenance Concepts, Programs and Processes; Maintenance Unit Department, Divis

The CNO and who else assign aircraft maintenance tasks and responsibilities to activities of naval operating and training forces, FMF's, and non-fleet Marine forces? Commandant of the Marine corps (CMC)
Only D-level FRC's may generate Local Command Procedures using what format? OPNAVINST 5215.17
What in addition to air facilities are responsible for performing the levels of maintenance designated by the Marine Corps Tables of Organization and for providing flight line services for transient aircraft? MCASs
Any NAMSOP program not applicable to the special activity shall be approved by what? TYCOM
SE is categorized by CSE and what else? PSE
Assignment and classification of O-level and I-level maintenance functions are applicable to what? UAS
What define as all equipment required on the ground to make an aeronautical system, support system, subsystem, operational in its intended environment? SE
COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR 6.6) is responsible for managing what? MATCALS
The NAMP, implemented through COMNAVAIRFOR, supports the CNO and the CMC readiness and safety objectives and provides optimum use of manpower, facilities, material, and what else? Funds
What are two types of aircraft maintenance performed within the Naval establishment without distinction as to levels of maintenance? Rework and upkeep
Current certification of NDI technicians regularly engaged in all NDI methods may be extended by the ACC/TYCOM for up to how long if circumstances warrant? 1 year
The Naval Aircraft NDI technician school and FRCs shall retain records of training materials used, tests given, and individual test scores for a minimum of how long? 3 years
NDI technicians with proficiency lapses exceeding how many consecutive months, but less than 3 years, require refresher training that must be administered by a FRC or NDI specialist to re-establish certification? 12
NDI technicians shall maintain X-ray proficiency by performing radiographic images X-ray inspections at leats how often? Semi-monthly
For activities authorized to perform open facility X-ray, all NDI technicians shall participate in at least one open facility X-ray inspection every how often? 3 months
NDI instuctors are military or civilian personnel who have completed Instructional Delivery Continuum Journeyman Instructor Training course (what course number) or equivalent? A-012-0077
Who are Navy and Marine Corps personnel, of grad E-4 or above, who have successfully completed required training and may be certified to perform limited NDI tasks? NDI operators
NDI technicians are assigned what NEC? NEC 7225
Contractor NDI personnel shall be certified per what, unless otherwise stated within specific contract stipulations? NAS 410
What provides a record of certification and recertification of NDI technicians and operators? CNAF 4970/139
What instruction assigns the responsibilities within COMNAVAIRSYSCOM for the various elements of the NDI program? NAVAIRINST 13707.2
Task-specific training shall be provided in an amount that will vary with complexity of the TD/technical publication directed NDI tasks, but shall not be less than how long for the first aeronautical part, assembly, or structural feature listed? 4 hours
Newly certified NDI technicians shall require at least how many months of supervised work experience before assignment at an activity without any experienced NDI technicians? 3 months
although continuous management control of SE is maintained by timely submission of TRs, an inventory of SE must be conducted, records corrected, and a report submitted how often? Annually
At any given time, the annotated List No. 02 and current what other list will reflect the TD status of an aircraft? No. 04
What contains detailed IMRL information? NAVAIRINST 13650.1
D-level calibration program functions are described in what instruction? NAVAIRINST 13640.1
Who is responsible for D-level rework, modification, and calibration of SE scheduled into the FRC under NAVAIRINST 13680.1 and NAVAIRINST 13640.1? FRC CO
The AMMRL Program covers how many end items of aircraft maintenance SE and OTPS elements (IMRL items) used throughout the Navy and Marine Corps by aircraft maintenance activities? 37,000
What shall develop required O-level and I-level SE maintenance training course for user activities as approved by CNO (N98)? CNET
What will be the governing and primary screening tool for TD compliance of all aircraft and aircraft engines? NAVAIR 00-500C
IMRLs are presented in how many sections with a monthly supplement? Five
What establishes policy and procedures for configuration identification and management of necessary engineering changes with respect to content, cost, evaluation, timing of processing, and implementation? NAVAIRINST 4130.1
Specific IMA/FRC gas turbine engine three-degree assignments are in what? NAVAIR NOTE 4700
Appropriate flight clearances are obtained by COMNAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR-5.1) per what instruction? OPNAVINST 3710.7
What is a disiplined logic that establishes required failure management strategies? RCM
The allowance document for Navy's MFs is the mobile facility page of what? WSPD
What program established a process to evaluate the material condition of fleet aircraft? ASPA
W&B personnel shall weigh aircraft per what? NAVAIR 01-1B-50
What program is intended to ensure proper fleet introdution of new or modified ALSS? FAILSAFE
IMAs/FRCs will accomplish and document engine teardown instructions per requirments established by what? ISSC
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