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4790.2B CH-1 Ch. 7

Quality Assurance

Approval of pre-final technical manuals for release for maintenance purposes shall be provided via an authorization letter signed by what? COMNAVAIRFOR
Only a D-level QA Specialist shall accomplish what verifications? Type I
PMS publications consist of checklists, MRCs, PMICs, SCCs, SPCs, and what specifications? Standard rework
On what basis, a working-level forum shall be held by the area QA specialist with the AIs to evaluate program performance, monitoring results and improvement opportunities? Monthly
A QA stamp may not be reassigned within a period of how long? 3 months
What is generally defined as the probability that an item will successfully perform its designated function for a specified period of time under specified operational conditions? Reliability
What program is established to ensure the customer recieves a product which satisfies their needs and requirements? Customer Liaison
The DLQP shall include a control system for MRB data which shall be retained for a minimum of how long? 1 year
What deficiency is a defect that judgement and experience indicate is likely to result in hazardous or unsafe conditions for indiviuals using or maintaining it? Critical
What deficiency is a defect that is likely to result in the failure ur reduced material utility of a unit or product? Major
What is a certified task or operation found to be deficient within the certifying shop? In-process
The purpose of what is to systematically evaluate nonconforming material in order to achieve material recovery and savings? MRB
What are independent reviews conducted to compare some aspect of performance with set quality standards for that performance? Quality audits
Visually review every welder's proficiency against the welder's test plate every how many days? 90
What is a certified task or operation found to be deficient and not classified as in-process? Reprocess
MRB action must commence within how many workdays after preparation of the MRB Form? 10
Insufficient demand to maintain EA capability is defined as less than three aircraft confined space requirments in a how many-month period? 6
What is documented affirmation that all product characteristics affecting quality conform to applicable specifications and requirements? Certification
What provides monitoring, analysis, and specialized knowledge to initiate preventive actions that are effected by engineering, production, and other departments? DLQP
The QA audit program establishes policy, responsibilities, and requirements for evaluating performance throughout the maintenance department. T/F True
Audits serve as an orderly method of doing what three things for deficiencies on a scheduled and unscheduled basis? Identify, Investigate, and Correct
The CSEC database must be loaded on QA's computer and is distributed with what 3 selections? AMMT, Wing, and Activity
In the CSEC database, the AMMT and Wing selection is used by TYCOMs for auditing what? Subordinate activities
In the CSEC database, the Activity selection is used by O and I level activities for what? To audid work centers and programs per the 4790.2B
Corrective action and QA follow up on discrepant areas should be performed in a reasonable time frame, which is normally what? 10 working days
The program manager will perform a self audit within how many days? 30 days
A work center should maintain how many program audits and how many work center audits? The last two program audits and the last three work center audits
How often should work center audits be performed? Semiannually
Who directs special audits as necessary? QA Officer
Who determines the CSEC questions asked during a special audit? QA
Who is charged with reporting deficiencies, defects, and discrepancies which could adversely affect safety of operations? All hands
If a Discrepancy Report meets the criteria for an HMR and warrants an EI how should it be submitted? It should be submitted as a CAT I EI with HMR intent
HMRs, EIs, HMR/EIs, PQDRs (CAT 1 and 2) and AIDRs are reported and monitored under what? NAMDRP via JDRS
Explosive incidents, dangerous defects, and malfunctions or failures involving explosive systems are reported as what? EMR, EER, CODR
EMRs are reported and monitored under NAMDRP via what? Web Enabled Safety System (WESS)
EERs and CODRs are reported and monitored under NAMDRP via what? All Weapons Information System (AWIS)
If JDRS is not to be used to recall quality deficient components, what program shall be used as the means to facilitate the recall/inspection of those components? The TD Program
For continuity, how long should the NAMDRP program manager be assigned for? A minimum of 12 months
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