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4790.2B CH-1 Ch. 6

Production Divisions; Work Center Supervisor; Maintenance Training; and Training

All maintenance, supply handling, and accounting of communicatins security equipment will be performed using the procedures in what? CMS-1
To ensure positive control of inspection progress, individual inspection crew members normally should not be issued MRCs at any one time with task totals in excess of how long? 2 hours
When any ALSS equipment has been involved in an aircraft mishap, the records shall be forwarded per what instruction and NAVAIR 13-1-6 series manuals? OPNAVINST 3750.6
Rotatable pools of ALSS spare assemblies (parachutes, life rafts, SSKs, life preservers, survival radios, and miniature regulators) shall be established by what? IMAs ashore
O-level activities are not authorized to requisition or stock ALSS assemblies or parts beyond those to outfit what percent of assigned aircraft and aircrew? 50%
The Parachute Record (what form) is designed to provide the current configuration and inspection record of a parachute assembly and its components? OPNAV 4790/101
PMA requested engine removals and accessory and component teardown inspections must be corrdinated with the cognizant what? ACC/TYCOM
The Aircrew Systems Record (what form) is designed to provide a continuous configuration and inspection record of ALSS components, kits, and asseblies? OPNAV 4790/138
Cross-trained QARs/CDQARs shall use what series manuals for techinal guidance? NAVAIR 13-1-6
What formally ensures aeronautical equipment is maintained throughout its life cycle by controlling degradation resulting from time, operational cycles, use, or climatic exposure? PMS
What is an investigation procedure conducted on the high value, long lead time, and other critical parts for which little or no failure history is available? Threshold sampling
The Seat Survival Kit Record (what form) is designed to provide configuration and inspection information for an SSK and its components? OPNAV 4790/136
The Aircrew Personal Equipment Record (what form) shall be intiated by the cognizant O-level activity upon the initial issue of personal equipment to the aircrew member? OPNAV 4790/130
Who publishes a list of threshold sampling candidates, quantities, and milestones for each engine? ISSC
Navy and Marine Corp units that operate UAS Groups 3 through what are exempt for the ALSS Program? 5
What inspection normally consists of oil filters, fuel filters, freedom of rotation, external visual, and in some cases, borescope inspections? Preinduction
Acceptable comparison accuracy is +/- 2.0 degrees for flux valve compasses and +/- how many degrees for standby (wet) compasses? 5.0
What provide step-by-step procedures and instructions for engine disassembly to a controlled depth? CERRC sets
How many groups of technical manuals exist for the control and performance of engine repair? Two
Each item in an ALSS falls under the cognizant of the what, the In-Service Support Activity located within an ISSC? FST
What contain high usage consumable material? PEBs
What concept provides classification and optimum assignment of SE maintenance functions consistent with an organization's capability to perform these functions? Three-level maintenance
What is responsible for managing and performing calibration and repair on selected TMDE? Work Center 670
Task cards that contain major engine inspection requirements are identified by what preceding the card title and the procedural steps within the cards? Asterisk (*)
Compass Correction Card AN5823 is the military standard listed in what? MIL-STD-765A
Accountable SE can be classified into one of how many major categories? Three
What is defined as training received prior to reporting to one's ultimate duty station/activity and is primarily funded by BUPERS? En-route
What form is used to request work or assistance, from an FRC overhaul point, that is beyond the activity capability? OPNAV 4790/36A
The purpose of what is to provide a record for the administrative review of the condition of accountable SE, the cause of the condition, responsibility, and a reccomendation for disposition? Survey
Technical data for SE is issued in the form of technical manuals, TDs, and what else? Engineering drawings
What form is used when a new item of SE is introduced into the Navy system and is originated by the manufactuer and is signed by the approriate authorized government representative for inspection and acceptance? DD 250
Requirements for lead-acid and nickel-cadmium battery safety are in what? NAVAIR 17-15BAD-1
Component repair of engines included in the COMNAVAIRSYSCOM Nonavionic CSE QECA Program will be performed per what instruction? NAVICPINST 4400.75
What is training conducted by fleet activities to complement formal training and increase professional safety, technical knowledge and proficiency? IST
What is used to request scheduling of end items of SE that are beyond the requesting IMA/FRC capability? CNAF 4790/80
D-level maintenance policy, procedures, and responsibilities for SE are in what instruction? NAVAIRINST 13680.1
High usage piece parts are available in the what? PEB
NETC is responsible for management and operation of NITRAS, per what? NETCINST 1510.0
What Navy Training School provides a segment course of an NEC/MOS producing pipeline? Class G
What Navy Training School provides team training to fleet personnel, officers and enlisted, enroute to duty as members of ship's company? Class T
What consist of information, instruction, and training provided to DOD personnel ashore and afloat in the installation, maintenance, repair, and operation of aircraft weapons systems and related SE? ETS
What provides student scheduling into various courses, generates student reports, performs diagnostic testing and grading and maintains individual and unit statistical data? STASS
What Navy Training School provides professional CNO mandated or non-pipeline refresher training? Class D
What shall be responsible for providing necessary planning, programming and budgeting for manpower and training resourses to support fleet training requirements? NPDC
What is in the format of specification guide and contains questions pertaining to a specific task? PQS
Funding for ETS support is a responsibility of what? COMNAVAIRSYSCOM
What Navy Training School provides individual functional skill training required by fleet or ACC/TYCOM? Class F
What Navy Training School provides basic knowledge.skills required for entry level performance? Class A
What Navy Training School provides training upon initial enlistment or induction which provides general indoctrination and prepares the recruit for early adjustment to military life by providing skill and knowledge in basic military subjects? Class R
Detailed information regarding ITSS/MATMEP procedures, policy, and responsibilities can be found in what? MCO P3700.10
What in addition to T/M/S specific ABDR repair manuals provide in-depth information on ABDR policies, procedures, techniques, and materials? NAVAIR 01-1A-39
What is the official source document that displays an activity's manpower requirements and authorization and is based on CNO approved manpower documents and by claimants for Shore Statements of Manpower Requirements generated by Efficiency Review Reports? Activity Manning Document (AMD)
The Manual of Navy Total Force Manpower Policies and Procedures (what instruction) provides information, policies, taskings and procedures for Navy manpower management? OPNAVINST 1000.16
FRCs shall provide NDI training examination and qualification per what instruction and as identified in the CANTRAC? NAVAIRINST 1500.2
COMNAVAIRSYSCOM manages the Aircraft Confined Space Program per what? NAVAIR 01-1A-35
What are used to inform commands of which NECs are being distributed and how they are carried against the activity's manpower document? DNECs
What is the offical statement of billets, personnel, and training input and resource requirements to support the introduction and operational use of aircraft, systems, subsystems, equipments, and other developments? NTSP
Civilian NETS positions are designated as Emergency-Essential per what? DOD Directive 1404.10
What outlines the AMT Program and specifies CNO (M98) policy in aviation maintenance training at both the O-level and I-level? OPNAVINST 1540.2
FRCs shall provide welding training, examinations, and qualification for welders per NAVAIR 01-1A-34 and as identified in the what? CANTRAC
What contains information on schools and courses offered through Navy traiing commands? NAVEDTRA 10500
NETC manages what to ensure adequacy of training, accuracy of curriculum, and effective use of instructional resources? NTFS
What are the primary sources of ETS for equipment operators and maintainers? NETS
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