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Quack #6

foible weakness,flaw,shortcoming in character
lacerate to rip,maul,tear,mutilate,or mangle
harangue mean,nasty,angry speech
exact to demand of/from
abash to embarrass
tact skill in dealing with people in difficult situations
uncouth crude;unrefined;awkward
fetish an abnormally obsessive preoccupation or attachment; a fixation
phobia a persistent,illogical fear
masticate to chew
laconic not saying much; brief or concise
malevolent wishing evil on others;malicious
meander to wander around aimlessly
apex tip;peak;summit;highest point
nadir absolute lowest point
disseminate to dispense objects; to distribute
emaciated excessively thin or weak
puissant powerful, mighty
citadel a fortress overlooking a city; a stronghold
atrophy to wither away