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Chapter 4

Folk and Popular Culture

what is a habit? A habit is a repetive act that a particular individual performs.
What is a custom? A custom is a repetitive act of a group, perfomed to the extent that it becomes characteristics of the group.
What is an example of a habit? One particular person wears jeans to class everyday.
What is an example of a custom? American university students wear jeans to class everyday.
What is an example of folk culture? Folk culture may include a custom such as wearing a sarong in Malaysia, or wearing a Sari in India.
Where is folk culture found? Traditionally practiced by small,homogenous groups living in isolated rural areas.
what is an example of popular culture? In the 1970's pop culture included bell bottom jeans, flower power, and peace signs.
where is popular culture found? Found in large, heterogeneous societies that share certain habits.
How is the scale of territory covered by a folk culture diffrent from a scale covered by a popular culture? It is typically much smaller.
How is folk culture more likely to vary? From place to place.
How is popular culture more like;y to vary? From time to time.
What are the characteristics of folk music? Folk songs tell a story or convey information about daily activities such as family, life-cylce events or events such as storms and earth quakes.
what are the characteristics of popular music? Popular music is written by specific individuals for the purpose of being sold to a large number of people.
How is popular music diffrent from folk music? Popular music displays a high degree of technical skill an is frequently capable of being performed only in a studio with electric equipment.
Where did Amnish culture originate, and how did it deffuse to the United States? Bern, Switerland;In northern France, and the Palatinate region of the south western Germany because of religious freedom
In what ways is Amish culture distinct from the popular culture of the United States? Amish communities retained their traditional customs, European immigrant adopted new ones.
What is happening to the Amish in the United States today? They are selling their farms and moving to Kentucky.
How was soccer transformed from a folk custom into popular culture? In the 1800s football and other cecreation clubs were founded in Britian, frequently by churches to provide factory workers with leisure.
Despite their anonymous folk origins,what characteristics of organized spectator sports today characterize them as popular culture? Permits both kicking and carrying of ball.
How does clothing style (in this case shoes) indicate the influence of the enviroment on folk culture? Residents in artic climates may wear fur boots, which protect against the cold.
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