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Med Term skeletal

Med Term

Kyph/o Hump
Chondr/o Cartillage
Aky/o Bent, Stiff
-Um noun ending
Crani/o Skull
Cost/o Ribs
-Lysis Separation or loosening
Myel/o Spinal Collumn
-Desis surgical repair of bone or joint
Spondy/o vertabrae
scolio curved
lord/o bent backwards
-poietio pertaining to
oste/o bone
Diaphysis shaft of a long bone
tarsals make up the ankle
Manubrium Upper end of sternum
synovial joints movable
Pubis Anterior portion of pelvic girdle
Foramen Opening in bone when blood passes through
Tendon Connect bone to bone
Acetabulum hip socket
Phalanges fingers/toes
process projection on surface of bone
sternum breastbone
zygomatic cheek bone
clavicle collar bone
patella kneecap
olecranon point of the elbow
arthrolysis loosening of an anklylosed joint
lumbago lumbar back pain
ostealgia pain linked to bone condition
manipulation closed reduction
talipes clubbed foot
open fracture compound fraction
pagets disease osteitis deformans
closed fracture simple fracture
osteonecrosis death of bone tissue
lordosis abnormal forward curvature of lumbar spine
spinal bifidia congenital defect
callus bulging deposit forms around area of a break during healing
subluxation partial displacement of bone from its joint
arthrodesis procedure that stiffens joint or joinsvertebrae
laminectomy removal of spinal lamina
bunion hallux valgus
greenstick fracture partially bent/fractured
osteomyelitis inflammation of bone marrow/bone
Ewings sarcoma group of cancers in children/adolescents
comminuted fracture bone ends compressed together
chondroplasy surgical fixation of cartillage
DXA evaluate bone density
traction pulling force to reallign bone
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