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pre/suf A-H (2)

medical terminology prefix/suffix a-h

ferro iron ex:ferrokinetics-study of iron metabolism
fore before ex:forehead-before head
form shape of ex:reniform-kidney shaped
graphy writing,recordgraph ex:graphospasm-writer's cramp
hemi half ex:hemiparesis-paralysis to one half of the body
hydra,hydro water ex:hyrophobia- water, afraid of
hyper above ex:hypertension-high tension
hypo below ex:hypothermic-below temperature
iasis condition of ex:cholelithiasis-condition of gallbladder stones
iatric medicine ex:pediatric-ild medicine
ic pertaining to ex:enteric-pertaining to the small intestines
inter between ex:intercostal-between ribs
intra within ex:intra-aortic:within the aorta
isis,asis condition of ex:metastasis-condition of change in location or spreading
itis inflammation of ex:gastritis-stomach inflammation
juxta near ex:justaepiphysial-near epiphysis or part of long bone
kinesis movement ex:etakinis-moving apart
kypho humped ex:kyphosis-condition of being humpbacked
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