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POC Block II, Unit 4


What is the mission of Air Force Lodging? (4-1) To provide quality lodging facilities and service to authorized personnel to maintain mission readiness and QoL, while keeping official travel costs at a minimum
Who establishes financial standards for Air Force lodging activities? (4-2) AF/A1S and AFPC/SVL
What is the Air Force Lodging Fund? (4-3) Essentially an AF-wide fund used for recapitalization of lodging assets
AF lodging _____ funds from each base for the AFLF. (4-3) "pulls"
What are all of the capabilities of the Defense Lodging System? (4-4) -Manages advance reservations -Registers guests -Processes guests -Accepts payments -Issues certificates on Non-Availability -Maintains accounts receivable and guest history
How is DLS taught to lodging military and civilian personnel? (4-4) As on-the-job training
What are some of the requirements of the Prime Knight Program? (4-4) Crew integrity must be maintained by ensuring all crew members are in the same area on-base or the same hotel off-base. Transient aircrews are allowed to pre-register and are provided express checkout
Who is considered a Priority 1 guest? (4-6) Personnel on official government orders such as PCS, TDY, and contract personnel. They should make reservations as soon as they know the required dates of their stay.
Who is consdiered a Priority 2 guest? (4-6) Personnel not on official government orders such as personnel on leave, accompanying family members or military retirees
Created by: POCJan2014
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