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POC: Block 2, Unit 5

Food Operations

What is the AF service mission? (5-1) (1)To provide wholesome & nutritional meals at all Force Support feeding operations (2)Provide combat feeding (3)Support the Fit-to-Fight program
What is the AF vision? (5-1) Food service professionals building customer oriented programs by creating innovative solutions responsive to tomorrows needs
Describe the Corporate Food Service (CFS) system. (5-2) It is an automated information management system database located in main DFAC and linked to registers
How does the ALOHA Point of Sale (POS) aid food service officers (FSO),storeroom managers etc? (5-2) (1)It helps with the smooth execution of day-to-day food service mission (2)Provides flexibility to perform routine tasks
What are the FSO responsibilities for running an effective and efficient food service? (part 1) (5-3,5-4) (1)Oversee the base APF food service program (2)Manage War Reserve Materiel (WRM) program (3)Develop programs to replace equipment & upgrade facilities (4)Ensure adequate training and staff (5)Provide cashiers guidance on safeguarding cash
What are the FSO responsibilities for running an effective and efficient food service? (part 2) (5-3,5-4) (6)Know who the eligible customers are (7)Use AF Form 1038 (food service evaluation record to guide operations (8)Establish forum to discuss food service issues w/ESM guests (9)Use customer feedback to improve food service quality
Describe the Front of House (FOH) and name the three areas that comprise it. (5-4) FOH is the area of the DEFAC that customers see, it is has: (1)Dining Rooms (2)Serving Lanes (3)Cash Register
Describe the Back of House (BOH) and name the four areas that comprise it. (5-4) BOH contains all other operations within the DFAC. (1)Kitchens (2)Dry and Cold Storage (3)Office areas (4)Loading/Receiving Docks
What is the 14 Day Menu? (5-5) (1) 14 day cyclic rotational menu (2)Core standard menu established by the Air Force Food and Beverage Division
What are three of the operational advantages of the 14 Day Menu? (5-5) (1)Logistics requirements forecasting (2)Training through consistency (3)Holiday meal options
Are retirees authorized users of the APF dining facility? (5-6) Retirees will follow Insallation CC guidance. Ex-->Many DFAC's are open to retirees for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals
Under Contract Operations, what are the advantages of the Prime Vendor (PV) Program? (5-6) (1)Improved product quality (2)Reduced warehouse expenses (3)Elimination of large inventories (4)Avsilability of brand name products
When receiving subsistence, storeroom personnel meet the delivery trucks and check for what items? (5-7) (1)Condition of delivery vehicle as well as appropriate type (2)Shipping damages -(3)Cleanliness (4)Approved Drivers (5)*Integrity of food delivery
What is "ServSafe Managers"? (5-8) A mandatory training requirement for all food managers and supervisors who oversee food and beverage operations.
Who is informed of chronic and repeat health inspection discrepancies? (5-8) The Mission Support Group Commander (MSG/CC)
Who should be made aware of health inspection issues impacting the mission? (5-8) The Wing Commander
What is the tool food operations personnel use when preparing recipes? (5-9) USAF Food Service Recipe System
What is used to plan, scale, and prepare AF Worldwide menus? (5-9) USAF Food Service Recipe System
What is one way to reduce waste in a food operation? (5-10) Progressive cooking
Cooking food in ______ _______ ensures food is available when needed. (5-10) small batches
Whaen food is cooked in large batches and not consumed in a reasonable amount of time, ____ _____ and _____ deteriorates? (5-10) food quality, appearance
What are the typical hours of operation for a Flight Kitchen? (5-10) 24/7
What does the Food Production Log include? (5-8) (1)Items to be served per meal period(2)Who cooked each portion(3)How items should be served(4)Serving weight per/item (5)Periodic temp. check per/item(6)Key the items are rung up under-- ALOHA POS(7)Progressive cooking periods(8)Carry over items(9)Waste
How does meal preparation assist food operation personnel? (5-9) Critical part of ensuring the food operation runs smoothly & effectively, personnel know what to cook, as well as, basic types of food & techniques used to prepare them.
Where do you find the mandatory core flight meals for the Flight Kitchen? (5-11) In the preface to the WWM
What are some features of the WWM Preface? (5-11) (1)Meals consist of 27 menus (2)*Components of the core menus (3)*Alternative sandwiches (4)*Alt. for meal components (5)*Recipes for mandatory flight meals (6)*Optional components for sm/lg menus (7)*6 different supplement pack opts (8)*breakfast menus
The Air Force WRM operational rations consist of what two items? (5-12) Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) and Unitized Group Rations (UGRs)
What is the purpose of AF Clubs? (5-17) Provide customer-driven food, beverage, entertainment, and other membership programs to meet the social recreation needs of members and their authorized guests.
How do AF Clubs support the AF community? (5-17) (1)Serves as a primary location for CC's to host functions & community events. (2)Informal location fo CC's, Command CMSGT, First Sergeaants, Supervisors & other leaders to create an env. that fosters & promotes AF institutional values.
Which personnel are authorized membership in the club? (part 1) (5-18) (1)*Active duty & ret mil (2)Reserve & National Guard (3)Cadets of Service Academies (4)Honorable discharged veterans w/ 100% disability
Which personnel are authorized membership in the club? (part 2) (5-18) (5)Widows of authorized memb. (6)*DOD & NAF civilians & ret (7)Former POW's and spouses of POW/MIA (8)*Comm leaders designated by the Installation CC
Under Corporate Programs, what is the Sponsorship program? (5-19) A corporate program that runs from May to July with 25 $1000 Scholarships awarded in September.
Under Corporate Programs, what is the Sponsorship program? (5-19) Conducted during NCAA national basketball tournament and includes prizes, food and beverage promotions as well as advertising.
What is the goal of the Food Transformation Initiative (FTI)? (5-19) To enhance food service quality, provide Airmen greater variety, availability, and quality of food, while maintaining home station and warfighting feeding capabilities.
In reference to the Club Business Plan, describe Part 2: Situationbal Analysis. (5-21) Show what the current operating situation is for the club. A common method is a SWOT analysis. (1)Business situation (2)Customer Situation (3)Club Situation (4)Product/Service Situation (5)Competitive Situation
In reference to the Club Business Plan, describe Part 3: Mission Statement. (5-21) Defines what the business reason for existence is. Often inlude a vision statement, where you see the business evolving to become. BLUF: Defines the mission & vision of the club.
In reference to the Club Business Plan, describe Part 5: Business and Marketing Objectives. (5-21) Contains the marketing & bus. goals & obj. for the plan. Marketing Obj= Short-term & strategic obj goals related to market positioning, changes in the target bus. & aggressivness the plan will pursue. Bus. Obj=Framed in terms of fin. performance
In reference to the Club Business Plan, describe Part 6: Marketing Strategies. (5-21) Outline the marketing strategies the club intends to use to improve performance. (1)Production/Service mix (2)Pricing (3)Promotion
In reference to the Club Business Plan, describe Part 7: Evaluation. (5-21) Contains information concerning program evaluations--ensure business plan is viable. (1)Market Audit (Customer feedback, changing demographics, industry trends & changing environment) (2)Program Evaluation= follow-up of how strategies are working.
Created by: POCJan2014
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