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Mutual Exchange and Unilateral Transfers

Mutual Exchanges Costs No cost to the government
Why is this transferred authorized To improve morale and is treated as a privilege for those who deserve special consideration
Mutual Exchange of Stations Involve Two members of the same rating and pay grade
If the Transfer is Approved, the Two Members Will Assume the other’s tour completion date for a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 3.5 years
Unilateral Change of Station Transfers Involve 1 member who is in excess at their present unit and who requests a unit or area that has a billet vacancy
Who is Authorized these Transfers Enlisted members
Non-Rate Transfers E-3 or above and must be the same path of advancement; SN/SN, FN/FN & AN/AN
“A” School Restrictions Member must agree to serve aboard the new unit for 12 months irrespective of “A” school standing
Prior to Executing Orders While on “A” School List Member must request either cancellation or to be placed on a hold status to PSC-EPM-2
Command Endorsement All members must have a favorable command endorsement
Remaining Obligated Service Members must have at least 1 year remaining on AD, upon reporting to the new unit
Unsatisfactory Conduct Marks Member receiving an unsatisfactory conduct mark, NJP, court martial or civil conviction for the previous year will not be consider nor waived.
Months Aboard Present Unit Prior to Executing Either Transfer A minimum of 6 months
Unilateral Transfer Billeting The present unit must accept a gap, no immediate replacement will be required if the request is granted
Procedure: Request Both member must initiate a written request
Procedure: Where to Sent the Request PSC-EPM-2
OCONUS Travel Space A flights via an Air Mobility Command is not authorized
Three Items Included in Request Last two sets of marks, reason for request and COs endorsement
Transit Time Proceed time is not authorized and regular leave is to be used instead of travel time
Orders must state If you do not desire to pay this expense, this authorization is cancelled
What Manual is This Found In Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDINST M1000.8 (series) CH.1 B.10
Created by: ashleycoker
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