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Jaeger BTE Unit 5

BTE Unit 5

Product Liability having legal responsibility for failure of the product
Reliability the probability of satisfactory operation of the product in a given environment over a specified time interval
Design translation of a concept into a producible satisfactory salable product
Data information used a basis for reasoning or decision making
Case Study broad based analysis of an engineering problem
Appendicular 126 bones of upper and lower extremities
Axial skeleton 80 bones of skull, spinal column, ribs, sternum and hyoid bone
Joint bone meets bone, held together by ligaments; synovial fluid lubricates
Ball and socket joint moveable such as hip and shoulder joints; sphere head of one bone fits into socket of another bone
Gliding joint example would be between vertebrae, surfaces are almost planes such as metacarpals; difference is in the shape of two bones
Hinge joint movement in 1 direction, unilateral joint, example knee joint or elbow
Diarthroses joints with free movement
Syntharthroses joints with no movement; example might be sutures of skull
Condylarthrosis a joint like the knee formed by a rounded bone at the extremity of a bone
Biocompatibility use of various materials to replace human components without adverse results
Saddle joint biaxial synovial joint in which the double motion is affected by opposition of two surfaces as in the thumb
Orthopedic implant device inserted to repair orthopedic injury or diseases
Atrium chambers of the heart where blood is received from body before going to ventricles
Ventricle chambers in the heart receiving blood from atrium on same side, pumps blood into arteries
bicuspid valve located between L atrium and L ventricle; also known as mitral valve
mitral valve located between L atrium and L ventricle, controls blood flow
semilunar valve half moon shaped valve which prevents blood from flowing back into heart
artery muscular walled and elastic walled blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood from heart to body
capillary smallest of the body's blood vessels
tricuspid valve controls blood flow from R atrium to R ventricle
atrioventricular valve prevents return of blood to the atrium
P wave first upward wave in an ECG which indicates the atrial depolarization
T wave 3rd wave in an ECG which indicates ventricular repolarization
Sinoatrial node pacemaker of the heart
Pacemaker electronic device which is surgically implanted into the pt. heart and chest to regulate heartbeat
Pericardium membranous sac surrounding the heart and major blood vessels connected to it
Pulse rate at which the heart beats, rhythmic contraction and expansion of arteries with each beat of the heart
Nanotechnology a branch of science and engineering devoted to design and production of extremely small electronic devices and circuits built from atoms and molecules
Stent slender rod, thread, or catheter inserted into a tubular structure such as a blood vessel to provide support during or after anastomosis
QRS Complex the 2nd wave of an ECG and it is associated with the depolarization of the ventricles
Myocardial infarction result of permanent damage to an area of heart muscle
ECG electrocardiogram, test which records the electrical activity of the heart, shows abnormal rhythm and heart muscle damage
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