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BMR Chap 5

BMR Chapter 5 Naval History

Who said “The study of history lies at the foundation of all sound military conclusions and practice?” Alfred Thayer Mahan
What were the three major classes naval vessels were grouped into during the revolutionary war and into the 19th century? Ships-of-the-line, frigates, and sloops-of-war
How many guns did sloops-of-war carry? 10 to 20 guns
What ships were the cruisers of the 18th century, and carried 28 to 44 guns? Frigates
What type of ships were small, fast, flexible, flush-deck and carried smooth-bore cannon? Schooner
What was the name of the first warfare submarine? Turtle
Where was the first recorded instance of an antisubmarine attack? The New York harbor by the British.
How many ships did the Continental Congress order to establish the new Navy? 13 new frigates and the conversion of 6 merchant ships
What was the US Navy’s first flagship and is said to have been the first to hoist the “Flag of Freedom?” The USS Alfred
Who is known as the father of our highest naval traditions? John Paul Jones
Who said “Struck, sir? I have not yet begun to fight!”? John Paul Jones
What is the oldest commissioned navy ship? The USS Constitution
During what period was the famous expression “Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute” originate? During the Quasi War with France 1798-1801
When did the USS Constitution earn its nickname “Old Ironsides?” August 19, 1812 when they defeated the British frigate Guerriere
What was the most important development for the surface Navy during the first half of the 19th century? Steam power
What was the first Navy warship to use steam? USS Demologos
Who is referred to as the “Father of the Steam Navy?” Commander Matthew Calbraith Perry
What was the Navy’s first successful steamship, launched on September 5, 1843? The USS Princeton
What US ship was called “a cheese box on a raft?” The USS Monitor
Who was the Navy’s first admiral? Admiral David Farragut
Who gave the famous order, “Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”? Admiral David Farragut
Whose gunboats helped General Grant capture the Mississippi River fortress? Andrew Foote
Who was the father of modern naval ordnance? John Dahlgren
Who was the first instructor at the Naval War College? Alfred T. Mahan
What was the last Navy warship to be fitted with sails, and was labeled as the first modern cruiser of the US Fleet? The USS Newark
In what war was “Remember the Maine” our battle cry? Spanish-American War
What was the Navy’s first operation submarine that was accepted in April 1900? The USS Holland
What were the first two Battleships? The USS Texas and USS Maine
What ship was known as the first “first class” battleship? The USS Indiana
What was the first battle ship to use oil? The USS Nevada
In what rate were women first enlisted for? Yeoman
What was the first airplane to fly across the Atlantic? The NC-4
Who was the first man to fly over both poles? Commander Richard E. Byrd
What was the first carrier designed from the keel up? The USS Ranger
What was the first attack in history conducted solely from aircraft carriers? The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941.
When was the turning point of WWII? The Battle of Midway
During WWII WAVES were directly eligible for how many ratings? 34 different ratings
What was the Navy’s first nuclear submarine? The USS Nautilus
When was the USS Nautilus put to sea? January 17, 1955
What ships fired the first shots of the Korean Conflict? The USS Juneau and the USS Dehaven
When did the helicopter come of age? During the Korean Conflict
What was the first submarine to reach the geographic North Pole? The USS Nautilus
What Navy Commander made the first suborbital flight on May 5, 1961? Commander Alan B. Shepard Jr.
What was the Navy’s first nuclear powered carrier? The USS Enterprise
What was the Navy’s first deep diving vehicle? The USS Alvin
What was the first Trident Submarine? The USS Ohio
The first official recognition of the American Stars and Stripes flag was given by who? France
What battle was fought with aircraft which were all launched from carriers? The Battle of Coral Sea
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