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Anatomy Lab Quiz 3

Regardless of the type of cartilage they are made of, skeletal cartilages do not contain ____ or ____. But, they are surrounded by a connective tissue layer called ____ which contains blood vessels for nutrient delivery nerves, bloodwork, perichondrium
The cells that ____ the extracellular matrix of cartilage are called ____. When they mature they turn into _____ and then they are found in a special area called ____. produce, chondroblasts, chondrocytes, lacunae
____ cartilage, the most abundant type, is designed to absorb ____. Although it does contain ___ fibers, they are not visible and the cartilage is ____. Hyaline, compression/pressure, collagen, visible, transparent
___ cartilage contains plenty of ___ fibers, which gives it great flexibility, but allows it to get back to its original shape after being deformed. Elastic, elastic
_____ has lots of ____ fibers, giving it __ or __ strength in addition to the ability to absorb _____ just like hyaline cartilage fibrocartilage, collagen, tensile, stretch, compression/pressure
Cartilage can grow by adding additional matrix to the outside of already existing cartilage. This process is called ___ growth. In ___ growth the ____ divide, secrete more matrix and lead to a growth from within appositional, interstitial, chondrocytes
Where HYALINE cartilage would be found -Embryonic skeleton -Costal cartilage -trachea -nose -ends of long bones/ articular cartilage
Where ELASTIC cartilage would be found -external ear -epiglottis -auditory tube
Where FIBROCARTILAGE would be found -Intervertebral disks -Menisci of the knee joint -pubic symphysis
6 Major Functions of Bones 1) Support 2) Movement 3) Blood Cell Protection 4)Protection 5) Mineral and Growth factor storages 6)Fat Storage
Bones that are longer than they are wide long bones (humerus, femur, fingers)
Bones that are cube shaped, equal length and width short bones (wrist, ankle) fewer and mostly spongy
Outer membrane of bone periosteum
collagen fibers ataching periosteum to bone Sharpey's fibers
Lining of the medullary/ marrow cavity Endosteum
means bone destroying, dissolving osteoclast
name for bone stem cell osteogenic
Bone tissue is the only tissue with ___ and ___ components. The ___ part is made up of 4 cells organic, inorganic, organic
4 Organic Bone Cells Osteocytes, Osteogenic, Osteoclast, plus organic bone matrix secreted by osteoblasts
___ is secreted by osteoblasts in the form of an organic bone matrix osteoid
This so called ____ consists of ___ and ___ fibers that provide strength and flexibility osteoid, ground substance, collagen
This so called osteoid consists of ground substance and collagen fibers that provide ___ and ___ strength, flexibility
The ____ part forms approximately ___% of our bone mass. The ____ salts give bone tissue its ___ and the ability to withstand ____. They are mainly ___ crystals. inorganic, 65%, mineral, hardness, compression, calcium-phosphate
____ hormone is the most important hormone for bone growth and remodeling. Lack during ____ leads to ____, too much hormone to ____. growth, childhood, dwarfism, gigantism
A low blood calcium level (_____) is more dangerous than an elevated level (_____). Therefore, ___, which is released by the ____ in response to low CA2+ levels, is the more important hormone. hypocalcemia, hypercalcemia, PTH, parathyroid gland
Once PTH is released it stimulates ____ to break down bone tissue and release CA2+ into the blood. ___ will be released by thyroid once Ca2+ levels increase above normal. It activates ____, which take CA2+ out of blood and deposit it as new matrix in bone osteoclast, calcitonin, thyroid, osteoblast
Mineral salts give bone tissue its ____ and the ability to withstand ___. A lack of calcium salts leads to softening of the bones, which can bend under the weight of the body. The medical term for bone softening is ___. hardness, compression/pressure, osteomalacia
If the cause of osteomalacia is a lack of vitamin D and/or calcium during childhood, the disease is called ____ rickets
Axial skeleton also called ___ and is composed of these: long axis of body; skull, thoracic cage, and vertebral column
The jagged lines that connect the frontal, occipital, and temporal bones of the cranial vault are called ____ sutures
4 Types of Sutures: Connects parietal bones and frontal bone "Coronal"
4 Types of Sutures: Connects parietal bones and occipital bone "Lambdoid" or lambdoidal
4 Types of Sutures: Connects parietal and temporal bones on each side of the skull Squamosal
4 Types of Sutures: Suture between right and left parietal bone Sagittal
Only bone in the body not connected directly with any other bone. Hyroid bone ( U shaped, doesnt articulate with any other bone)
Growth that widens and shapes bones appositional growth
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