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POC Block II, Unit 3


What is the goal of the Fitness Program? (3-1) To motivate all members to participate in a year-round physical conditioning program that emphasizes total fitness to include proper aerobic conditioning, strength/flexibility training, and healthy eating
How often are Active Duty, AFR and ANG (Title 10) members mandated to complete an official Fitness Assessment? (3-1) A minimum of twice yearly unless member earns a score of 90 or higher
How often are ANG (Title 32) mandated to complete an official Fitness Assessment? (3-1) A minimum of once yearly
What are the components of the Fitness Assessment? (3-1) -Body composition evaluated by abdominal circumference -Aerobic, evaluated by 1.5 mile run -Muscular fitness, evaluated by push-ups and sit-ups in 1 minute
When must all components of the Fitness Assessment be completed? (3-1) Within a 3 hour window on the same day, a minimum 3 minute rest period between components
When must the Fitness Assessment be completed should extenuating circumstances prevent completion? (3-1) At the earliest opportunity, but within 5 duty days
What is the team trained to conduct the Fitness Assessment and should be role models and advocates for fitness? (3-2) The Fitness Assessment Cell (FAC)
What score must a member earn to pass the Fitness Assessment? (3-2) A composite score of 75 or greater, and meet the minimum component scores in the run, body composition, sit-ups and push-ups
When must Active Duty, AFR and ANG (Title 10) retest upon failing an official Fitness Assessment? (3-2) 90 days
When must ANG (Title 32) retest by upon failing an official Fitness Assessment? (3-2) By the last day of the month, 6 calendar months following the previous Unsatisfactory FA
If a member fails before deploying and their EPR/OPR closes out after the deployment starts, what will be marked on the OPR/EPR? (3-2) "DOES NOT MEET STANDARDS"
Members must have a ______ fitness score on file prior to deployment? (3-2) current
When are members expected to be in compliance with Air Force fitness standards? At all times
What are the two tiers of the AF Fitness and Sports Program mission? (3-2) -Primary mission is to support the overall AF Fitness Program and support unit commander fitness programs -The secondary mission is to provide core fitness and sports programs to all authorized users and to support the World Class Athlete Program
Who manages the base fitness and sports program to include the fitness facility, operational issues, assigned personnel, and financial concerns? (3-3) The Fitness and Sports Manager (FSM)
Who does the FSM appoint to manage the three functional areas of operations, fitness and sports? (3-3) -Operations Function: operation manager -Fitness Function: Fitness Director (FD) -Sports Function: Sports Director (SD)
A minimum of how many staff members must be on duty during all hours of operation for emergency response capabilities (Except at ANG bases)? (3-3) Two staff members
What are the two primary levels of training for fitness center staff? (3-3/4) -Basic fitness training: First Aid, Red Cross CPR, basic use of fitness equipment, customer service, AETC Fitness Specialist Course, and physical training leader's course -Advanced Fitness Training
What must an Air Force Certified Fitness Specialist have completed? (3-4) -Basic and advanced training -Minimum of one year's work experience in the FC -Documented 100 hrs of group and/or individual fitness/exercise program design
What are the three categories of fitness center funding? (3-4) Category A- 100% APF support Category B- 50% or greater APF funding Category C- NAFs only
What are the hours of operation for fitness standards? (3-4) FCs open 112 hours per week, reserve bases open 70 hours per week
What are the three types of required equipment in a Fitness Center? (3-5) -cardiovascular -selectorized resistance -free weight resistance
What are the two core customer services provided to customers by the Fitness Centers? (3-6) Vending Operation and Locker Service
Enhanced Services provided by the Fitness Center to customers through contracts on a fee basis include but are not limited to: (3-6) -Massage Therapists -Resale Operations -Distinguished Visitor locker room amenities -Parent/Child Area (PCA)
What falls under Core Programs at the Fitness Center? (3-7) -Group Exercise -Equipment Orientations -Fitness Improvement Programs (FIPS) -Incentive Programs (four per year) -Special Events (four per year and one must be family oriented)
What are Enhanced Programs? (3-7) Programs that provide enhanced fitness opportunities, and may be offered at the discretion of the SQ/CC or division director. For example: Tai Chi, Yoga, Aquacise
Intramural Sports must include four of which five sports? (3-7) Softball, basketball, flag football, volleyball, and soccer
Created by: POCJan2014
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