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MedCon 21

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 21 of your textbook.

Addiction a physical/psychological dependence on a substance
Affect outward expression of emotions
Anorexia nervosa a disorder of self
Bulimia an eating disorder characterized by episodes of binge eating (an intake of approximately 5000 calories in 1 to 2 hours) followed by activities to negate the calorie intake by purging
Circadian rhythm a normal 24 hour cycle of biological rhythms including sleep, metabolism, and glandular secretions
Delirium tremens (DTs) a serious form of delirium due to alcoholic withdrawal after a period of sustained intoxication
Delusions false beliefs that are firmly adhered to although they are not shared by others
Dependency a psychological craving for a substance that may or may not be accompanied by a physical need
Euphoric a state of well being
Hallucinations false sensations of sight, touch, sound, smell or taste
Halluncinogenic producing psychedelic or bizarre alterations in mental functioning
Intoxicated when the blood alcohol level reaches 0.10% or more
Mania extreme elation or agitation
Mood emotion
Obsession repetition of a thought or emotion
Organic related to an organ or physical component
Tolerance the ability to endure a larger amount of a substance without an adverse effect, or the need for a larger amount or dose of the drug to have the same effect
Withdrawal the unpleasant physical or psychological effects resulting from stopping the use of a substance after an individual is addicted
Created by: jillcyr
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