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MedCon 16

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 16 of your textbook.

Amblyopia a decrease in vision of the affected eye due to a lack of visual stimuli
Angiography a radiographic study of blood vessels after injection of fluorescein dye
Audiometry basic test to measure hearing
Cerumen ear wax
Diplopia double vision
Enucleation removal of the eyeball
Mastoidectomy a procedure used to prevent complications and preserve hearing by removing the bony partitions forming the mastoid cells
Myringotomy incision into the eardrum to remove fluid
Ophthalmoscope the instrument used for a basic examination of the eye
Otalgia ear pain
Otoscope the instrument used to examine the ear
Photophobia abnormal fear of light
Prosthesis an artificial part
Pruritus itching
Purulent loaded with dead and dying neutrophils, tissue debris and pyrogenic (pus forming) bacteria
Radial keratotomy a surgical procedure to correct myopia; incisions are made in the radial fashion in the cornea to flatten the cornea, thus shortening the length of the eye ball and correcting the refractive error
Stapedectomy a procedure the removes the stapes bone in the middle ear and replaces it with a prosthesis
Suppurative formation of pus
Tinnitus ringing in the ears
Tonometry a procedure to measure the pressure inside the eye
Topical placed on the skin
Tympanoplasty surgery to repair the tympanic membane
Tympanostomy a procedure in which tubes, commonly called PE tubes or pediatric ear tubes are plced through the tympanic membrane to prevent the accumulation of fluid
Vertigo dizziness
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