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MedCon 13

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 13 of your textbook.

Albumincuria albumin in the urine; usually albumin but may also be globulin; usually indicative of a disease process
Anuria no urine output
Blood urea nitrogen (BUN) a test to determine the level of urea nitrogen or waste in the blood
Catheterization a sterile procedure consisting of passing a soft catheter through the urethra and into the bladder for the purpose of (1) instilling or pouring fluids or medication into the bladder or (2) removing urine
Clean catch a term used to describe a clean urine collection method involving cleansing the urethral area prior to urinating and catching the voided urine specimen
Creatinine one of the two most common nitrogenous waste products that are normally filtered from the blood; the final product of creatine catabolism
Cystogram an X-ray picture of the bladder that helps determine the shape and function of the bladder
Cystoscopy an invasive procedure to look into the urethra and bladder by using a lighted scope
Dysuria difficulty or pain with urination
Frequency how often the individual urinates
Hematuria blood in the urine
In and out catheterization a catheterization procedure in which the catheter is removed as soon as the urine is drained; the catheterization is temporary
Intravenous pyelogram (IVP) an X-ray picture taken after injecting dye into the individual’s bloodstream; the dye accumulates in the urinary tract and improves the ability to identify obstructions, tumors and deformities
Kidneys urethra-bladder (KUB) a common X-ray of the structures of the urinary tract to determine abnormailities
Lithotripsy a procedure for breaking kidney or gallbladder stones
Nephrectomy the surgical removal of the kidney
Nocturia excessive voiding at night
Oliguria a decrease in urine output
Proteinuria protein in the urine; specific protein or albumin may be identified, resulting in albuminuria
Pyuria pus in the urine
Radical cystectomy the removal of the entire bladder, usually done as treatment for cancer of the bladder
Suprapubic catheter a catheter that is inserted surgically through the pelvic wall as is often done after urinary tract surgeries
Transurethral resection (TUR) a surgical procedures that may be performed to remove a tumor, visualize a structure, or take a piece of tissue for biopsy; a cystoscope is passed through the urinary meatus and the urethra for this procedures
Urea a common nitrogenous waste product that is normally filtered from the blood
Uremia a toxic condition of the blood due to high levels of waste products
Urgency the severe need to urinate
Urinalysis a laboratory urine test for pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose or sugar, and blood; it also includes microscopic examination to determine the presence of bacteria, crystals and casts
Urine culture and sensitivity (C&S) a laboratory analysis that determines the type of bacteria present and the most effective antibiotic to prescribe for treatment
Created by: jillcyr
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