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MedCon 12

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 12 of your textbook.

Abdominocentesis paracentesis of the abdomen; a procedure in which a puncture is made into the abdominal cavity to withdraw fluid
Albumin a blood protein distributed throughout they body; responsible for osmotic pressure of the blood
Amylase an enzyme; often elevated in pancreatic disorders
Ascites fluid in the abdomen (peritoneal cavity)
Autodigestion autolysis or digestion of self or one’s own cells
Caput medusae tortuous, unsightly varicosities spreading from the umbilicus outward across the front of the abdomen
Cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gallbladder
Delirium tremens a serious form of delirium due to alcoholic withdrawal after a period of sustained intoxication
Esophageal varices varicosities (varicose veins) of the esophagus
Fulminant occurring suddenly, rapidly; and intensely
Gynecomastia abnormal breast enlargement
Hematemesis vomiting blood
Hepatomegaly enlarged liver
Jaundice a yellowish colour in the skin and sclera due to increased bile pigments in the blood
Palmar erythema unusual redness of the palms of the hands
Portal hypertension increased pressure in the portal system frequently seen in cirrhosis
Spider angiomas telangiectasias or small dilated vessels in the skin; commonly seen on the face and chest of individuals with cirrhosis of the liver
Splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
Created by: jillcyr