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MedCon 9

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 9 of your textbook.

Analgesics medications that are given to relieve pain
Antipyretics a class of medications given to reduce an elevated temperature
Apnea the condition of not breathing; a term used to describe the absence of respiration for a period of time
Arterial blood gases the laboratory test that measures the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in blood
Bronchiectasis a chronic or long term dilatation of a bronchus or bronchi along with an infection
Bronchoscopy a diagnostic or surgical procedures in which a scope is passed through the mouth into the bronchus
Clubbing a condition affecting the distal portion of the finger; characterized by soft tissue enlargement and an abnormal curvature of the nail
Cyanosis a bluish condition of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood
Dyspnea difficulty breathing
Hemoptysis coughing up blood
Hypoxemia not enough oxygen in the circulating blood
Hypoxia not enough oxygen in tissues
Orthopnea the condition in which an individual has difficulty breathing in a lying position or is able to breathe with less difficulty when standing or sitting straight up
Productive cough coughing up sputum or excessive mucus
Rales an abnormal discontinuous breath sound caused by narrowed bronchi and heard primarily on inspiration during auscultation of the chest
Rhinorrhea a runny nose
Rhonchi abnormal wheezing breath sounds caused by partial airway blockage and heard during inspiration, expiration or both during auscultation of the chest
Sputum fluid or secretions coughed up from the lungs
Tachypnea a severely increased respiratory rate
Thoracentesis a procedure in which a puncture is made into the chest cavity to withdraw air (or fluid); a chest tube also may be inserted to help the lung reexpand
Wheezing a whistling, musical, or raspy sound during breathing usually indicative of partially blocked airway passages
Created by: jillcyr
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