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MedCon 8

The following activity is for the "key terms" in chapter 8 of your textbook.

Angioplasty a procedure that involves passing a catheter into the artery and inflating a balloon on the catheter to push the plaque against the vessel wall thus widening the lumen of the vessel
Ankle brachial index
Auscultation using the stethoscope to listen to body cavities and organs
Cardiac catheterization an invasive procedure used to sample the blood in the chambers of the heart to determine the amount of oxygen content and blood pressure in the chambers
Cardiac palpitations an unusually strong rapid or irregular heart rate that is so abnormal the individual can feel it
Cyanosis a bluish condition of the skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood
Diastolic relating to cardiac diastole; the process of the heart resting as the chambers refill with blood
Doppler a device that may be placed over arteries to magnify the sound of blood flow
Electrocardiogram the graphic drawing produced by an electrocardiograph a machine that receives electrical information and draws heart action
Embolus material floating in the blood that may stick in a vessel and occlude or stop blood flow leading to ischemia or death of the organs supplied by that vessel
Endarterectomy a surgical procedure involving opening an artery and cleaning out the plaque
Exsanguination loss of circulating blood volume
Fibrillation a heart rhythm that is wild and uncoordinated; a cardiac arrhythmia
Hemothorax blood in the chest cavity
Intermittent claudication the condition of developing muscle cramps that are relieved with rest and increased with activity
Ischemia hypoxia of cells or tissues caused by decreased blood flow
Lumen the inner open space or width of a tubular structure or anatomical part
Murmur an abnormal sound in the heart or vascular system
Patency openness
Perfusion to pour through or supply with blood
Plaque a patch; dental plaque is a sticky mass of microorganisms growing on teeth
Systolic relating to cardiac systole; the process of cardiac contraction (heartbeat) when blood is ejected in the systemic circulation
Tachycardia a rapid heart rate; usually a rate above 100 beats per minute
Thrombus a blood clot attached to a vein or artery
Created by: jillcyr