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SPC APII Lect Lymph

SPC APII Lect Lymphatic System

What are the 3 functions of the lymphatic system? Drain, Transport, Immune Response
Drain what? Excess interstitial fluid to the central venous system
Transport what? Dietary fats & lipids, and lipid-soluble vitamins
Immune response for what? Provide sites & mechanisms
What are the 3 major components of the lymphatic system? Network of vessels, organs & tissues, Lymph
What is/are the function(s) of the Primary lymphatic organs/tissues? Where stems cells become immunocompetent (capable of immune response), in the RBM & Thymus
What is/are the function(s) of the Secondary lymphatic organs/tissues? Where most immune responses occur: Lymph Nodes, Spleen, Tonsils, Peyer's Patches
What is immunity? Ability to prevent damage or disease via our defenses
What is susceptibility? Lack of immunity/resistance
What are 2 types of immunity? Innate (non-specific) Defenses & Adaptive (specific)Immunity
Explain Innate (non-specific) Defenses Defenses present at birth; always present, avail. & fast; general but similar action against ALL microbes; has no 'memory'; two lines of defense 1st & 2nd
Explain Adaptive (specific) Immunity Defenses devel. over time based upon exposure; specific microbe recognition; slower response due to 'memory'; involves lymphocytes (B & T Cells); AKA 3rd line of defense
Explain lymphatic circulation Excess fluids & plasma proteins that escaped the bloodstream are collected by & returned tot he blood @ the L & R Subclavian Veins to ensure that the CVS has sufficient blood volume
How is Lymph formed? The nutrients, wastes, & gasses circulating in the blood that are forced out of the blood & into the interstitial fluid.
Where does lymph go? It is drained into the CVS - central venous system
How many lymph nodes do we have? Approx. 600 scattered throughout the body, superficial & deep, usually in clusters
What do lymph nodes do? Filter antigens from lymph
What cells are found in lymph nodes? Macrophages, T Cells, B Cells
What is the function of Macrophages in lymph nodes? Engulf/destroy bacteria, Cancer Cells, et al.
What is the function of T cells & B cells in lymph nodes? Provide immune response after recognizing antigen
Identify the function of a lacteal? Absorb nutrition & dietary lipids AFTER digestion
Identify the function of a chylomicron? Transport nutrition & dietary lipids to liver for metabolism & to adipose tissue for storage
What is Chyle? Dietary fats & lymph fluids (milky white)
How is lymph transported & circulated? Skeletal muscle "pump"(milking), Respiratory "pump"(pressure changes)
Name the Lipoproteins according to their density Chylomicron, VLDL, LDL, HDL
What are 4 functions of the Spleen? Site for B cell proliferation into plasma cells, cleans blood, stores breakdown products of RBCs, site of RBC prod. in FETUS.
What items does the Spleen clean/remove from blood? Old/defective/dead RBCs & Platelets; debris, antigens/foreign bacteria, viruses, toxins
Does the Spleen filter Lymph? why/why not? No, due to no afferent (incoming) vessels thus no lymph filtration
What are the 3 types of tonsils & their common function? 1 pharyngeal, 2 palatine, 2 lingual; respond to inhaled or ingested foreign substances/pathogens
What are Peyer's Patches? Unencapsulated groups(aggregations) of lymphatic follicles (nodules) located in the ileum (terminal part of small intestine)
What is the function of Peyer's Patches? Macrophages capture & destroy bacteria, thus preventing them from breaching the ileum walls
What do Lymphatic Capillaries do? Drain(pickup) excess interstitial fluid & plasma proteins that leaked out of bloodstream.
What do Lymphatic Vessels (LV) do? Carry lymph to/thru nodes to trunks, one way
What do Lymphatic Trunks do? Each of the 5 are named for & drains a specific body region
What does the Right Lymphatic Duct (RLD) do? Upper Righ Quadrant= Right side of head, righ upper extremity, right thorax (does NOT drain area below diaphragm)
What does the Left Lymphatic Duct (LLD) do? Remainder of the body (including area below diaphragm)
What does the Cisterna Chyli do? Located in lower extremities, narrows to become the beginning part of the LLD
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