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Constitution Test

who is the president of the united states? barack obama
who is the vice president of the united states? joe biden
who is currently speaker of the house? john boehner
how many houses are there in congress? 2
how many members are there in the house? 435
how many members are there in the senate? 100
how many senators are there from each state? 2
what is the term for the senate? 6 years
what is the minimum number of representatives a state must have? 1
what is the term for the house? 2 years
what are the qualifications for the senate? 30 years old 9 year citizen of the us resident of state chosen for
what are the qualifications for the house? 25 years old 7 year citizen lives in state representing
what percent of the senate is elected every 2 years? 1/3
where does congress meet? capitol building
what is the process a bill must take in becoming a law? bill proposed by either house or senate sent to either house or senate for approval sent to president for approval/veto
can congress tax exported goods? no
how does congress over-ride a presidents veto of a bill? 2/3 vote
who receives a larger salary? the senate or the house? neither, they're the same
what is the role of the house during the impeachment process? begin case
what is the role of the senate during the impeachment process? jury
how long is a presidential term? 4 years
what is the maximum number of terms a president can serve? 2 terms
what amendment limits the number of presidential terms? twenty second
what are the qualifications to be president? natural born citizen resident of us for 14 consecutive years 35 years old
who has the power to veto? president
who has the power to call congress into "special session"? president
who was the only president to resign? richard nixon
who’s vote elect the president of the united states? the electoral college
what happens to a bill if the president does not sign it within ten days during congressional session? it becomes a law
who presents the national budget? president
define national budget. a document plan of public revenue and expenditure that is often passed by the legislature, approved by the chief executive-or president and presented by the Finance Minister to the nation.
when is the next presidential election? 2016
when does the president-elect take place? january 20
how many amendementshave there been to the constitution? 27
which amendments make up the bill fo rights? the first 10
what are the rights icluded within the first amandment? freedom of religion, speech, oress, assembly, and petition.
what amendments sets the voting age at 18 years old? 26th
what is the 16th amendment? income tax amendment.
when was the last amendment to the consitution adopted? 1992
what are the three branches of government? executive, legislative, judicial.
what is the main jon of he executive branch? enforce laws
what is the main job of the legislative branch? make laws.
what is the main job of the judicial branch? interpret laws.
what are checks and balances? counterbalancing influences by which an organization or system is regulated, typically those ensuring that political power is not concentrated in the hands of individuals or groups.
define federalisim. the federal principle or system of government.
can federal officials have titles of nobility? no
what do the stars a stripes stand for in the american flag? stars-states stripes-original thirteen colonies
how should the american flag be presented at a parade? at the peak, front
can both states and federal government establish court systems? yes
can both states and federal government conduct foreign affairs? no, only the federal government*
when was the constitution written? 1787
what did the ocnstitution originally say about slavery? not all for it but also not banned. states decision.
when was the constitutional converntion held? may 25, 1787
what is patrick henry's famous quote about librety? "give me librety, or give me death."
what were the articles of confederation? served as the written document that established the functions of the national government of the united states after it declared independence from great britain.
what was george washington's role in the constitutional convention? commander of the continental army*
who wrote the declaration of independence? jeffreson, franklin, sherman, adams, livingston.
when was the declaration of independence signed? july 4, 1776
what are the qualifications for supreme court justices? there are no qualifications.
what was the main topic during the marbury & madison trial? "judicial review"*
who has the power to raise, barrow, and manage money? congress*
who has the responsibility to print and coin money? treasury department
Created by: briahnae2014
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