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Pathology GFs

Stack #147907

Polypeptide GFs inc cell size, increase mitosis (mitogens), increase survival, proto oncogenes--mutated genes cause CA)
GFs locomotion, contractility, differentiation, angiogenesis
EGF family proteins from platelets, macrophages, epithelial cells. Acts on keratinocytes to divide and acts on fibroblasts to produce granulation tissue. ERB-B2 (HER2/NEU) (receptor)
TGF-a (transforming). made in macrophages, T cells, keratinocytes. Sim to EGF; also effect on hepatocytes
HGF (Hepatocyte). made in mesenchymal cells; prolif of epithelium, endothelium, hepatocytes, effect on cell motility
VEGF Vascular endothelial- made in mesenchymals cells, inc vascular permeability, mitogenic for endothelial cells, key substance in promotion granulation tissue
PDGF platelet derived; made in platelets, but also many other cell types; chemotactic for many cells, mitogen for fibroblasts, induces repair, angiogenesis, another key player in granulation tissue
FGF (fibroblast). made in many cells; chemotactic and mitogenic, for fibroblasts and keratinocytes (epithelial cells); angiogenesis, would contracture, and to make ECM stuff that fibroblasts make
TGF-B (transforming). made in many cells, chemotactic for PMNs and many other types of cells.
KGF (keratinocyte). made in fibroblasts; stims keratinocyte migration, proliferation, differentiation
IGF-1 (Insulin-like). Made in macrophages, fibroblasts; stims sulfated proteoglycans, collagen, keratin migration, fibroblast proliferation-axn sim to GH
TNF made in macrophages, mast cells, T cells; activates macrophages, key influence on other cytokines
Created by: sarah.edgar