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Chapter 3 Med Term

Medical Term Chapter 3 "Jody"

aden- gland
angi- vessel
arth- joint
bas- base
cephal- head
cerebr- brain
derm- skin
dermat- skin
gastr- stomach
myel- marrow or spinal cord
neur- nerve
oste- bone
uri- urine
-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ry pertaining to
-eal pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ose pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
-tic pertaining to
-blast immature
-cyte cell
-gram record
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-meter instrument fro measuring
-metry process of measuring
iatry study of
-logy study of
-logist one who specializes in the study or treatment
-ole small
-ula small
-ule small
-poiesis formation
-scope instrument for examining
-scopy examination
-algia pain
-cele pouch, sac, or hernia
-emesis vomit
-emia condition of blood
-oid resembling
-genic origin / geginning
-genesis production
-itis inflammation
-lysis breaking down
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor
-osis condition
-phobia fear of
-rrhea discharge or flow
-rrhagia to burst forth
-rrhexis rupture or breaking
-trophy development
-centesis puncture to remove fluid
-ectomy surgical removal
-plasty reconstruction
-stomy surgical creation of an artificial opening
-tomy incision
-tripsy crushing
abdomin/o abdomen
angi/o vessel
bacteri/o bacteria
bi/o life
carcin/o cancer
cardi/o heart
cephal/o head
cyst/o sac or cyst
cyt/o cell
electr/o electricity
enter/o intestines
hem/o blood
hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
lip/o fat
mast/o breast
necr/o death
nephr/o kidney
path/o disease
pelv/o pelvic
thromb/o clot
trache/o trachea
a- without, not
an- without, not
ab- away from
ad- toward
ante- before
brady- slow
peri- around
trans- across or through
ecto- outside
endo- inside; within
intra- inside; within
epi- upon
eu- normal or good
hemi- half
semi- half
hyper- above
hypo- below
infra- under; below
sub- under; below
mal- bad
micro- small
mono- one
neo- new
para- alongside
poly- many
post- after
quadri- four
tetra- four
retro- backward
super- above
supra- outside or beyond
tachy- fast
tri- three
ultra- beyond, excessive
cyan/o blue
erythr/o red
leuk/o white
melan/o black
purpur/o purple
xanth/o yellow
cutane/o skin
hidr/o sweat glands
onych/o nail
pil/o hair
seb/o sebum (oil)
bulla blister
bx biopsy
FS frozen section
I&D incision and drainage
subq subcutaneous
arthr/o joint
cervic/o neck
crani/o head
ili/o hip
osse/o bony
oste/o bone
chrom/o color
morph/o shape
myel/o bone marrow
stomat/o mouth
cytorrhexis breaking cells
tox/o poison
auto- self
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
ELISA enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay
suprarenal above kidney
IDDM insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
T3 triiodothyronine
T4 thyroxine
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