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O.T Prophets


Explain the statement: The prophetic word is alive. The prophets shaped history. Their words impacted their generation and continues to impact ours. God's Word is still moving History to its final completion in Christ Jesus. His Word does not return void. Prophecy connects the O.T to the N.T.
What is the primary purpose of the gift of prophecy? To encourage the church.
Give 5 reasons why people believed Jesus was a great prophet. 1. Calling 2. Intercession 3. Miracles & healing's 4. Visions. 5. Teachings
Explain the difference between the gift of prophecy and the ministry gift(office) of a prophet Every believer can give a simple prophetic thought or word to the church. The office of a prophet holds the five fold ministry gift given by Jesus to the church. The ministry of a prophet is chosen by Jesus to be a gift to the church.
4 levels of Prophecy 1. Prophet Culture. 2. Gift of prophecy. 3. Prophet people. 4. Office of a prophet.
Compare and contrast O.T. prophets with N.T. prophets O.T. prophets were solitary figures who brought judgments and warnings. N.T prophets build the church.
Team aspect, submitted to an apostle Prophetic ministries are validated by their involvement in and with the local church, not by their separateness.
5 ways a N.T. prophet builds the church 1. Direction for the church. 2. Founding and establishing churches. 3. Revelation of God. 4. Future-warnings. 5. Strengthens the body-encourages, comforts, exhorts.
Why is it important to test the spirits? Not all spirits come from God we need to test them to make sure they are from God.
4 ways God speaks to me 1. Visions. 2. Dreams. 3. God's still small voice. 4. Scripture.
6 aspects of judging prophetic words 1. Align with Scripture. 2. Bear witness with the spirit of the one who receives it. 3. Fruit of the word 4. Prophets and leadership 5. Holy Spirit's interpretation. 6. Confirms what God has spoken to you in private.
6 practical guidelines to deliver prophetic words. 1. Don't use King James English when prophesying. 2. Proper tone. 3. Love must guide our prophesying. 4. Church service. 5. Avoid phrases such as "thus saith the Lord" or "I the Lord say to you" 6. Avoid giving negative or judgmental prophetic words.
2 Timothy 1:6 - The Fire "Kindle afresh the gift of God"
3 characteristics of false prophets 1. Wolves in sheep's clothing. 2. Twist Scripture to advance their agenda. 3. Power to lead people-instead of leading people to God they lead them to themselves.
5 tests of a true prophet 1. Does the prophet believe in the redemptive work of the Son of God. 2. False prophets do not submit to authority. 3. motivated by their need for attention, not love. 4. Use fear to motivate people. 5. Not in covenant relationship with the Body of Christ
Define "nahbi" One who speaks fervently for God.
5 character traits of an O.T. prophet 1. Friend of God (FROG) 2. Higher standard. 3. Law. 4. Boldness. 5. Servant.
8 functions of a O.T. prophet 1. Forthtell. 2. Foretell. 3. Interpreter of the law. 4. Intercessor. 5. Watchman. 6. Prophecy to Kings. 7. Utter and write Scripture. 8. Call other nations to repentance for idolatry, iniquity, corruption.
Prophetic expression Reception and delivery of the message.
Momentary empowerment by the Holy Spirit Empowerment for a specific task only. Holy Spirit not an abiding presence in them. Samson-Spirit gave him great strength, but no character change.
Continual empowerment by the Holy Spirit Abiding presence on individual. Holy Spirit changes their character. Great writing prophets and those like David.
Moses: the fountainhead of Israelite prophecy prophetic message was rooted in the revelation of Moses. First of the Great Prophets of the Nation Israel.
Prophetic ministries of Moses Delivered Israel, Interceded between God and Israel, Ten Commandments, Founded a nation, Wrote laws on stone, Natural sacrifices, Atonement through blood of animals.
Prophetic ministries of Jesus Liberates all mankind, Mediates between God and man, Accents Ten Commandments, Creates spiritual people, Inscribes laws on hearts, Spiritual sacrifices, Provides atonement through His own blood.
Deborah Judge and Prophetess. A mother to Israel who spiritually watched over the people. She turned the people back to the Lord. Accompanied Barak into battle against Sisera and his 900 chariots. She provided spiritual covering and guidance.
Samuel: the guardian of Theocracy Transition from judges to monarchy. As a boy he was given to the Priest Eli at Shiloh. Highly educated in the Law and priestly service. God spoke to him. Word of the Lord-increased in prophetic ministry.
Nathan: Davidic Covenant Davidic covenant-eternal throne of the House of David.
Nathan: confronts David's sin David's sin adultery and murder. Nathan's rebuke took courage. David's son would die and the sword would not depart form his family.
Ahijah: divided kingdom Prophesied to Jeroboam that the kingdom would be divided. Ahijah tore shirt into 12 pieces: this symbolized the tearing of Israel into 12 tribes. 10 pieces given to Jeroboam.
Ahijah: Sins of Jeroboam Shrines at Dan and Bethel resulted in idolatry.
Ahab and Jezebel Wicked king and his wife who legalized baal worship.
Ahab- mixture man He was a man of compromise who feared man more than God. He was motivated by his own lusts.
Elijah: Covenant Prosecutor First of the Classical Prophets. He charged Israel (ten northern tribes) with breaking the covenant.
Mt. Carmel - 12 stones 12 stones: prophetic act- the final ingathering of the nation of Israel.
Mt. Carmel God consumed the sacrifice and altar completely licking up the water.
Mt. Carmel - True repentence People did not respond to Elijah's message. A great sign or miracle doesn't always bring repentance of the people, for that takes a stirring of the Holy Spirit.
Mt. Carmel - Divided heart Israel had broken the 1st Commandment - to love he Lord with all their heart. They went after other gods while naming the Lord. Their hearts were divided
Elisha: Compassion and grace Double portion of anointing. Elisha's ministry- a type of Christ for he lived among the people and worked miracles of compassion. Compassion and grace to a rebellious people.
Elisha: anoints Jeju He judged kings and anointed Jehu to destroy the house of Ahab.
Ministries of Elijah Called the people to repent. He lived apart from the people and denounced their idolatry. Highly honored by God, who took him up in a chariot.
Ministries of Elisha Double portion of Elijah's anointing. He also called people to repent. He judged kings. Compassion and grace to a rebellious people.
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