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New SAT Vocab

Ebullient extremely lively, enthusiastic (she became ebullient upon receiving an acceptance letter from her first college choice)
Effrontery impudence, nerve, insolence (when I told my aunt that she was boring, my mother scolded me for my effrontery )
Effulgent radiant, splendorous (the golden palace was effulgent)
Enervate to weaken,exhaust (writing these SAT vocab words and their meanings enervates me so much that I will have to take a nap after I finish )
Egregious extremely bad (the students who threw sloppy joes across the cafeteria were punished for their egregious behavior)
Ephemeral short-lived, fleeting (she promised to love me forever but her "forever" was only ephemeral; she left me after one week)
Eschew to shun, avoid (George hates the color green so much that he eschews all green food)
Evanescent fleeting, momentary (my joy at getting promoted was evanescent because because I discovered that i would have to work much longer hours in a less friendly office)
Evince to show, reveal ( Jeff's nail biting evinces how nervous he is about the upcoming SAT test)
Exculpate to free from guilt or blame, exonerate (my discovery of the ring behind the dresser exculpated me from the charge of having stolen it)
Execrable loathsome, detestable (her pudding is so execrable that it makes me sick)
Exigent urgent, critical (the patient is in exigent need medication, or else he will lose his sight)
Expiate to make amends for, atone (to expiate my selfishness, I gave all my profits to charity)
Expunge to obliterate, eradicate (fearful of an IRS investigation, Paul expunged all incriminating evidence from his tax files)
Extant existing, not destroyed or lost (my mother's extant love letters to my father are in the attic)
Extol to praise, revere (Violet extolled the virtues of a vegetarian diet to his meat loving brother)
Created by: nessachery97


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