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What gland is the "master gland"? pituitary gland
Where is the bile produced? liver
Where is the bile stored? gallbladder
Where is the sperm produced? testes
What are the three layers of skin? epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous
What part of brain controls judgement and memory? cerebrum
What is the name of the space between 2 nerves? synapse
Universal donor type O
universal recipient type AB
What is the name of outer layer of the kidney? cortex
Axillary armpit
Cervical neck
Mediastinal chest
inguinal groin
adrenal glands on the top of each kidney
arteries carry blood Away from the heart
arthroscope instrument for visual exam (of joints)
Bronch/o lung
capillaries where gas exchange occurs
colp/o vagina
cornea refracts light into eye
diarrhea solid or liquid fecal matter
epiglottis cartilage that covers larynx
femur largest long bone; thight bone
gastr/o stomach
incontinence unvoluntary release of urine or fecal matter
laproscope instrument for visual exam of abdomen
ophtalmology study of the eye
oliguria scanty amount of urine
oxytocin hormone that stimulates uterine contractions
-penia too few
pharynx throat
phlebitis inflammation of vein
pulse expansion and contraction prodused by blood as it moves through artery
trachea windpipe
tracheostomy surgery opening in trachea
veins carry blood toward the heart
venogram record of veins
how many vertebrae are in lumbar ? 5
Which is ball-and-socket joint? ankle; hip; wrist; elbow hip
embolus a piece of blood clot traveling through the vein
receptors for night vision rods
external layer of the heart epicardium
pacemaker of the heart sinoatrial node
how many lobes in the right lung? 3
mechanical digestion begins in... mouth
eardrum tympanic membrane
Eustachian tube connects the throat with middle ear
second stage of labor expulsion
what is definition of preeclampsia metabolic disease of pregnancy
definition of abduction moving away from midline of the body
allo- other (different from usual)
suffix -rrhea means discharge
starting point of the muscle called origin
small solid circular raised spoton the surface of the skin less than 0.5 cm in diameter papule
which word describe innermost layer of the skin subcutaneous
weight of skin 20 lb or more
ambryo baby called in the first 8 weeks of pregnancy
adrenoglands located on the top of kidney
inguinal lymph node in groin
medical term for visual exam of joint arthroscopy
normal length of pregancy 40 weeks
opposit for "malignant" benign
right order 1.uretra 2. urinary bladder 3. renal pelvis 4. ureter
What part of kidney responsible for removing waste product? nephron
preffix per- means through
laceration a torn rugged wound
which prefix has the same meaning as "intra" endo-
correct spelling for inflammation of bronchus bronchitis
suffix for surgical crushing -tripsy
correct spelling "record of x-ray of kidney" cystogram
acronim that indicates "disease progressive loss of lung capacity" COPD chronic obstructive pulmonery disease
how many chromosomes (human) 2 pairs of 23 (46)
which one is connective tissue? 1.alveoli, 2. bone. 3. lymph vessel, 4. skin BONE
which condition caused by virus traveling over the neural pathway shingles
cluster of lymph nodes axilla (armpit)
normal adults respiration rate 12-20
part of brain that controls respiration brain stem (medulla oblongata)
what does hormone cortisol regulate? aldosterone
What are the six pulse points? Brachial, Radial, Popliteal, Carotid, Inguinal, Pedal
trombosis blood clot (formation of blood clot)
Which part of a long bone contains red bone marrow? epiphysis w/ cancellous
phalanges are bone in?? the toes
what is the correct spelling of the term that means rapid flow of blood? Hemorrhage
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