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Reproductive system

male and female

Primary reproductive organs are referred to as? gonads
Female gonads are? Male? ovaries: testes
what are the primary roles of the male reproductive system? production/transportation of sperm, deposition of sperm in female tract, secretion of hormones
The process of sperm production is called what? spermatogenesis
What are the primary roles of the female reproductive system? production of ova, secretion of hormones, and protection/facilitation of the development of the fetus
Major functions of the ovaries are: ovulation and secretion of estrogen/progesterone
An ovum can be fertilized up to __ hours after its release 72
define nulliparous never pregnant
What is the squamocolumnar junction? The junction at which both types of cells from the ectocervix and endocervix meet . This is where optimal cells are to perform an accurate PAP test.
The entrance of sperm into the uterus is facilitated by mucus produced by the cervix under the influence of which hormone? estrogen. (postovulatory cervical mucus, under the influence of progesterone, is thick and inhibits sperm passage)
GnRH is released by? hypothalamus
The pituitary gland secretes which hormones? FSH: females-growth/maturity of ovarian cycle, males-sperm production. LH: ovulation. ICSH: sperm maturation. Prolactin: lactation
What is menarche? first menstrual bleeding
What is happening to the hormone levels at menarche? increased estrogen, increased FSH/LH, and gonadotropin secretion occurs
Describe the order of a menstrual cycle: menses, proliferative phase, ovulation, secretory phase, menses.
If fertilization does not occur what happens? menstruation because of decrease in estrogen and withdrawal of progesterone.
Define Menopuase cessation of menses associated with declining ovarian function.
amenorrhea no menstruation for one year
how long is a menstrual cycle? 21-35 days
What are some meds that may cause heavy bleeding during menstruation IUD, anticoagulants, thiazides
A reduction in circulating estrogen and an increase in androgens in postmenopausal women is associated with what? breast and genital atrophy, reduction in bone mass, increased rate of atherosclorosis
what changes take place in men as they age? increase in prostate, decreased testosterone, decreased sperm production, decreased muscle tone of the scrotum, decrease in size and firmness of the testicles,
What should the nurse say when talking with an older adult regarding sexual function? Emphasize the normalcy of sexual activity in older adults. refer patient to counseling to help patient cope with changes.
What to remember when performing an assessment of the reproductive systems: develop trust, be professional, be sensitive, ask gender neutral ?'s,be aware of patients culture/belief, begin with least sensitive questions first.
discuss the effects of mumps and rubella on the reproductive system. mumps-occurrence of mumps in young men has been associated with an increase in sterility (related to orchitis). Rubella-primary concern to women at child bearing age, if it occurs during first 3 months of pregnancy congenial abnormalities are increased.
OTC meds and the reproductive system: diuretics(edema), psychotropic(interfere with performance), antihypertensives(ED)
Long term use of estrogen/progesterone on HRT increase the women's risk of? cardiovascular disease, stroke, breast cancer in postmenopausal women
why is oral contraceptive disease contraindicated in COPD? because progesterone thickens the mucus
what are some screenings that women should undergo? SBE, mammograms, PAP.
What are some screenings that men should undergo? testicular exams and men over 50 should undergo digital rectal exam and prostate specific antigen testing
dyspareunia painful intercourse
metororrhagia spotting between periods
menorrhagia excessive bleeding with periods
pregnancy is usually validated by what hormone? human chorionic gonadotropic (hCG)
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