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POC Block 1, Unit 7

Force Support Foundation

What Customer Service tip Encourages employee input and lets them know they are an integral part of the team as well as familiarizes them with product offerings and teaches them to describe it in an enthusiastic and sincere manner? (7-2) Instill pride in what is being offered
What Customer Services tip involves creating an atmosphere that encourages staff to take all practical measures to meet customers' needs and giving every member of your staff enough information and power to make small customer-pleasing decisions? (7-2) Empower your employees
What is the General Curtis E. Lemay A1 Award? (7-3) Base installation-level A1 community award for large category bases that consists of greater than 6,000 assigned personnel.
What is the Major General Eugene L. Eubank A1 Award? (7-3) Base installation-level A1 community award for small category bases that consists of fewer than 6,000 assigned personnel.
What is the John C. Hennessy Trophy? (7-4) A trophy named for John L. Hennessy, a hotel and food industry leader and advisor to presidents on military food-service issues
How does a critical thinking leader work through issues of misreading cues leaders provide? (7-7) By asking questions, getting clarification when needed and perhaps re-stating the problem
Describe what it means to Stay Informed. (7-7) Staying current and being the expert in your field and encouraging your team to do the same
Describe the Define phase of the Five-Phase Project Life Cycle. (7-9) In this phase, the project team introduces the project to leadership to attain approval and create the initial project charter
Describe the Plan phase of the Five-Phase Project Life Cycle. (7-9) This phase entails determining all the tasks necessary to complete the project and providing realistic completion dates for each task
What is one of the most important tips to remember when Establishing a Battle Rhythm? (7-10) Know the Wing's Calendar
Name some common Time Management Tips. (7-10/11) *Prioritize Your Tasks Make a to-do list *Avoid Time Wasters Delegate Avoid Procrastination Define Clear Roles and Responsibilities *Decline Additional Work Maintain a Work/Life Balance
What is resource stewardship? (7-12) In AFDD 1-1, resource stewardship is one of the sub-competencies under the AF Institutional Competency "Managing Organizations and Resources".
What are the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed for resource stewardship? (7-12) 1)Identifies, acquires, administers and conserves financial, informational, technological, material, warfare and human resources needed to accomplish the mission 2)Implements best practice and management techniques throughout the organization
Describe the Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI) of the AF Inspection Program. (7-13) It is conducted by the MAJCOM inspection team to assess wing/wing-equivalent organizations
What four areas does the Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI) assess? (7-13) 1) Managing Resources 2) Leading People 3) Improving the Unit 4) Executing the Mission
What is a Self-Inspection Program? (7-13) This program is a commander's tool to measure unit compliance, efficiency and effectiveness to execute the unit mission
What is the Air Force Policy? (7-15) To protect an individuals personal privacy as outlined in the Privacy Act of 1974. The Privacy Act and AFI 33-332, AF Privacy Act Program, pertain to info collected and placed in systems of records pertaining to living US citizens and permanent residents
Describe Collecting Personal Information. (7-15) When individuals are asked to provide info about themselves for input into a system of record they must be provided a Privacy Act Statement (PAS)
What is a FOIA request? (7-16) Written requests for DoD records that describes the record(s) sought, made by any person, including a member of the public, an organization, or a business, but not a Federal Agency or fugitive of the law, that explicitly or implicitly invokes the FOIA
The FOIA imposes mandatory time limits of how many workdays for advising requesters of release-ability determinations for requested records? (7-16) 20. The law permits an additional 10-workday extension in unusual circumstances specifically outlined in the FOIA
Created by: POCJan2014
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