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POC Block 1, Unit 6

Personnel Officer Career Development

What is the key to a successful Air Force career? (6-1) A proper balance of operations/technical expertise, staff level jobs and leadership experience
What is a dynamic, web-based career planning and force development tool for Airmen? (6-2) The Career Path Tool (CPT)
What are the four available options under the Career Path Tool homepage? (6-3) Dashboard, My Duty History, My Career Pyramid, ACM Disputes
What are the three sides of the My Career Pyramid? (6-3) jobs, education and training, and deployments
What does the "job" side of the My Career Pyramid indicate? (6-3) Indicates different "job buckets" available along with career broadening, reporting identifier, special duty, student or command opportunities that have been filled by a member of the career field
What should assignments offer the 38P officer? (6-4) Offers the opportunity to gain A1 occupational competencies, and prepare the officer for command and leadership positions
Why are contingency deployments important for 38P officer development? (6-4) AEF deployments provide opportunities to develop leadership skills, learn new skill sets, and understand the force support mission in a contingency environment
What do Indeterminate TDYs (ITDYs) and 365-day deployments provide? (6-4) Provide great opportunities and professional development within the 38P career field
For Out of Core AFSC Opportunities, Voluntary Cross Flow/Cross Training Opportunities, 38P officers should first do what? (6-4) Receive permission to be released from the 38P career field by the Officer Assignments Team and be accepted by the new career field
What facilitates Professional Development? (6-4) The completion of professional military education, relevant advanced academic degree, supplemental and continuing technical training and education
What does the Airman Development Plan (ADP) help with? (6-5) The ADP help articulate your preferences (in regard to assignments, education and location) to the right people: your reviewing official, your development team and AFPC.
When filling out Assignment Preferences in ADP, what should you use to determine what jobs and locations to include? (6-6) You should use the Assignment Management System (AMS), Career Path Tool (CPT) and consider any guidance from your reviewing official, mentors and possibly vectoring from the development team
What do Developmental Preferences allow you articulate through ADP? (6-6) Allows you to articulate the types of developmental jobs you would like to be considered for such as instructor duty
What does Career Broadening under ADP allow you to do? (6-7) Career Broadening gives you the opportunity to volunteer for an assignment outside your primary specialty or career field such as ROTC instructor or defense attaché
What is the mission of the Developmental Teams (DT)? (6-7) The DT provides career direction to develop career field leaders fully capable of operating across strategic, operational and tactical levels of leadership environments
What is vectoring by the Developmental Teams (DT)? (6-7) A vector is the DT's collective recommendation for an assignment level, training or education opportunity, or position type.
When does vectoring by the Developmental Teams (DT) occur? (6-7) Vectoring happens at key points in an officer's career
When does the Force Support Developmental Teams (DT) meet? (6-8) The Force Support DT meet at least twice a year or as directed by the AF/A1. The DT meets in the summer and in the fall.
What criteria does AFPC use to match assignments for 38P officers? (6-8) 1) Needs of the Air Force 2) Professional Development of the Officer 3) Your Preferences
What is the Level 1 requirement for Professional Continuing Education (PCE)? (6-8/9) Level 1: Mission Accomplishment. This is the most urgent level and takes priority over all other MAJCOM training requirements
What is the Level 2 requirement for Professional Continuing Education (PCE)? (6-8/9) Level 2- Mission Sustainment. Training required to maintain the AF's readiness posture. Training needed to minimize the erosion factor
What is the Level 3 requirement for Professional Continuing Education (PCE)? (6-8/9) Level 3- Mission Enhancement. Training that fosters the effective use of resources to improve AF's mission capability
What are some Personnel Officer PCE courses? (6-9) -Protocol Fundamentals -Air Force Sexual Assault Response Coordinator Course (SARC) -Force Support Functional Leadership Series -Force Support Contingency Course Series -Force Support Flight Leadership Series -FSS Leadership Course
Created by: POCJan2014
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