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Module F-6

Female Reproductive System

Prolaspe of Uterine Muslce the downward displacement of the uterus so that the cervix is within the vaginal orifice, the cervix is outside the orifice, or the entire uterus is outside the orifice
Episiotomy incision of the perineum to prevent tearing of the perineum and to facilitate delivery
VVF Vesical Vagina Fistula
Normal Size of Ovaries 2 cmm diameter
Menustral Cycle
Proliferative Phase Estrogen Hormone
Lental Phase Progesterone Hormone
HSD Hormone
Placenta a spongy structure joining mother and child. Serves as an endocrine gland. Produces chorionic gonadotropin hormone, estrogen, and progesterone
Hydrocele a collection of serous fluid in a sac-like cavity; specifically the tunica vaginalis testis
Condyloma a wart-like growth on the skin, most often seen on the external genitalia; is either viral or syphilitic in origin
A&P anterior and posterior
Abortion the process of miscarrying
Amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amniotic sac to obtain a sample of amniotic fluid
Antenatal pertaining to before birth
Conception process of the union of the male's sperm and the female's ovum; fertilization
Contraception process of preventing conception
D&C dialatation and currettage
Dactylogram a fingerprint
DUB dysfunctional uterine bleeding
HCG human chorionic gonadotropin
HRT hormone replacement therapy
HPV human papillomavirus
LMP last menstrual period
Perinatology study of the fetus and infant from 20 to 29 weeks of gestation to 1 to 4 weeks after birth
PKU performed on newborns to determine the presence of the un-metabolized protein phenylalanine. PKU is an amino acid disorder
Postpartum pertaining to after childbirth
PSA prostate-specific agent
Trimester a period of 3 months
Ultrasonography the use of high-frequency sound waves to visualize the structure being studied. May be used to visualize the pancreas, thyroid, and any other gland.
Zygote the fertilized ovum. The zygote is produced by the union of two gametes.
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