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Module F

Male Reproductive System

Balantis inflammation of the glans penis
Circumsion the surgical process of removing the foreskin of the penis
Puberty a period of rapid change in the lives of boys and girls during which time the reproductive systems mature and become capable of reproduction
Spermatogenesis formation of spermatozoa
Spermatozoon the male se cell
Orchitis inflammation of testicle
Penitis inflammation of the penis
TURP (Transurethral resection of the prostate)an endoscopic instrument introduced directly through the urethra to the prostate and small pieces of the prostate glands are removed
BHP Benign prostatic hyperplasia - enlargement of the prostate gland occurs in men 50 years and older
Spermicide an agent that kills sperm
Gonorrhea a highly contagious veneral disease of the genital mucous membrane of either sex; the infection transmitted by gonococcus Neisseria gonorrhoeae
Herpes genitalis a highly contagious veneral disease of the genitalia of either sex; caused by herpes simplex virus-2 (HSV-2)
Heterosexual pertaining to the opposite sex; refers to an individual who has a sexual preference for the opposite sex
Homosexual pertaining to the same sex; refers to an individual who has a sexual preference for the same sex
Ericsson sperm separation method a process of separating the Y-chromosome sperm from the X-chromosome sperm. A sperm sample is taken and placed in a tube of albumin. Y-chromosome sperm make male babies. Women have a 75 -80% chance of producing a male child
Eunuch a male who has been castrated, ie, had his testicles removed
Gamete a mature reproductive cell of the male or female (a spermatozoon or ovum)
Mitosis the ordinary condition of cell division
Prepuce the foreskin over the glans penis in the male
Semen the fluid-transporting medium for spermatozoa discharged during ejaculation
Syphilis a chronic infectious veneral disease caused by Treponema pallidum which is sexually transmitted
Trisomy a genetic condition of having three chromosomes instead of two. The condition causes various birth defects
AIH artificial insemination homologous
Gc gonorrhea
HPV human papilloma virus
VD veneral disease
STDs sexually transmitted diseases
TUR transurethral resection
PSA prostate-specific antigen
Testosterone responsible for growth, development, and maintenance of the male reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics
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