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chapter 4 med terms

homeostasis state of equilibrium maintained in the body's internal enviroment; the body maintains a constant internal enviroment despite the external enviroment
adip fat
adip/o fat
-al pertaining to
ambi- both, both sides, around, about
ana- up, apart, backward, again, anew
andr man
anter toward the front
-ate, -ate (d) use, action, having the form of, possessing
adipose pertaining to fatty tissue throughout the body
apex pointed end of a cone-shaped structure
anterior pertaining to a surface or part situated toward the front of the body
android to resemble a man
anatomy literally means to cut up or cut apart; study of the structure of an organism such as humans
ambilateral pertaning to both sides
bi- two, double
bi/o life
biology study of life
bilateral pertaining to two sides
base lower part or foundation of a structure
cyt/o cell
crani/o; cran/i skull
chromosome microscopic body that carries the genes that determine hereditary characteristics
cranial pertaining to the cranium (the portion of the skull that contains the brain
cytology study of cells
cilia hairlike processes that project from epithelial cells; they help propel mucus, dust, and other foreign substances from the respiratory tract
center midpoint of the body or activity
caudal pertaining to the tail
caud; caud/o tail
chromo color
dors; dors/o backward
deep far down from the surface
dist/o; dist away from the point of origin
dif- apart, free from, seperate
de- down, away, from
dorsal pertaining to the back side of the body
dehydrate to lose water from the body
diffusion process in which parts of a substance move from areas of high concentration to areas of lower concentration
distal farthest from the center or point of origin
endo- within, inner
ectomorph slender physical body form; linear physique
endomorph round and soft physical body form
ecto- out, outside, outer
filtrat; filtrat/o to strain through
filtration process of filtering or straining particles from a solution gene
fus to pour
-genesis formation; produce
gene hereditary unit that transmits and determines one's characteristics or hereditary traits
hydr/o; (H2O) water
human genome complete set of genes and chromosomes tuckes inside each of the body's trillions of cells
histology study of tissue
horizontal pertaining to the horizon, of or neat the horizon, lying flat, even, level
hist/o tissue
homeo- similar, same, likeness, constant
horizont horizon
hydr water
-ic pertaining to
infer/o; infer below
-ior pertaining to
-ion process
intern within
inguin/o; inguin groin
internal pertaining to within or the inside
inguinal pertaining to the groin, of or near the groin
inferior pertaining to below or on a downward direction
infer- below
kary/o cell's nucleus
karyogenesis formation of a cell's nucleus
lateral pertaining to the side
later; later/o side
-morph form, shape
medial pertaining to the middle or midline
mesomorph well-proportioned body form marked by predominance of tissue derived from the mesoderm (middle layer of cells in the developing embryo)
meso- middle
medi; medi/o toward the middle
organic pertaining to an organ or organs; pertaining to vegetable or animal forms of life
-ose pertaining to
organ/o; organ organ
-oid resemble, like, similar
proxim; proxim/o near the poin of origin
path/o disease
per- through
phen/o to show
physi/o nature
-plasm thing formed, plasma
poster behind
poster/o toward the back, back
proto- first
phenotype physical appearance or type of makeup of a person
pathology study of disease
physiology study of the nature of living organisms
proximal nearest the center point of origin; nearest the point of attachment
protoplasma essential matter of a living cell
posterior pertaining to the back of a structure; toward the back
perfusion process of pouring through
superficial pertaining to the surface, on or near the surface
superior pertaining to above or in an upward direction
somatotrophic pertaining to stimulation of the body growth
system composite, whole
super- upper, above
-stasis control, stop, stand still
-some body
somat/o body
systemic pertaining to the body as a whole
topic place
troph a turning
-type type
topical pertaining to a place, definite locale
-tomy incision
uni- one
unilateral pertaining to one side
viscer/o; viscer body organs
ventr; ventr/o near or on the belly side of the body
ventral pertaining to the front side of the body
vertex top or highest point; top or crown of the head
visceral pertaining to body organs enclosed within a cavity, especially abdominal organs
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