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Tag-Out procedures for cutters and boats are governed by what? Equipment Tag-Out Procedures COMDTINST 9077.1
Lock- out procedures at shore units are governed by what? OSHA regulations
Who is responsible for ensuring that checks and audits of all tag-outs are performed one every two weeks? department head
how frequently is the tag-outs audited? once every two weeks
Where should you the annotation when replacing a damage or missing DANGER/CAUTION tag? Tag-Out record sheet in the "CLEARANCE/POSITION CONDITION" column on the line corresponding number
How long should inactive tag-out/ Record sheets be retained? 6 months
When does tag numbering start each year? 1 OCT
Who assigns you a username, password, and sets permission to your CMPlus account? CMPlus administrator at your unit
What is the first step in performing inventory in CMPlus? Contact OSC
Who manages CMPlus? OSC
What is COMDTINST M4400.19? Supply Policies and Procedures Manual
What are the two types of DLR items DOD Owned and CG Owned
What is the cognizant symbol for DOD owned DLR items? 7
What is the cognizant symbol for CG owned DLR items? 5
What does MILSTRIP stand for? Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
How long do requisitioners have to respond to DLR follow-ups? 5 workdays
How long do units have to document and package unserviceable DLR items? within 48 hours of receipt of replacement item
Units shall track unserviceable DLR via____? CMPlus
What codes denote whether an item is reparable or condemnation is normally accomplished? Reparability Codes
What codes identifies and designates the inventory control point, office, or agency which exercises supply management? Cognizant Codes
What code identifies an activity for cataloging and management purposes within the Federal Catalog System? Activity Codes
What code segregates items into more manageable groupings or notifies field activities of special reporting requirements? MILSMaterial Control Codes
Where can you find CG material control codes? enclosure D or COMDTINST M4400.19
What are the types of fees a unit may have to pay if a NRFI DLR item is not returned? Standard price and Net price
What are the different types of requisition? CMPlus MILSTRIP Format(not CASREPS) CASREP Messages in MILSTRIP format Fleet Logisitic Support (FLS)
What are the three types of labels required for DLR turn-in items? Caution labels Unserviceable Item Tags Unserviceable Item Labels
What three places can a unit ship a NRFI DLR item? Advance Traceability and Control (ATAC) Hub Source of Supply (SOS) or repairing Depot identified in FEDLOG CG Inventory Control Point for CG managed NRFI items
What does NRFI stand for? Not Ready For Issue
What are the three methods of shipping a DLR item? FEDEX,UPS, Frieght carrier services Delivery Mail
What priority items shall be shipped via traceable means? Priority 3 and Priority 6
What priority items shall be shipped via certified mall? Priority 13
In the ELC DLR process the UNIT shall... identify the unserviceable assets and need for replacement submit a requisition and FTA electronically through DAAS
What does PICA stand for? Primary Inventory Control Activity
In the ELC DLR process the PICA shall... establish stock record accounting issue serviceable item direct the unit to return unserviceable carcass within 10 days
After receipt of the replacement part the unit shall... ship the NRFI item to the appropriate depot within 30 days with a BC1
What document should accompany a NRFI item? BC1
When will ELC send the unit a message for an overdue NRFI item? 45th day
When are units billed for the NRFI item? 75th day
What are the three types of EMI? Man-Made Natural Inherent
What are the two classifications for EMI? narrowband broadband
This interference impedes the reliable and efficient use of electrical and electronic equipment. Man-made interference
how can you prevent Narrow Band interference? By tuning the susceptible receiver away from an interfering narrowband signal
How can Communication transmitters produce interference? overdriven amplifiers Frequency multiplier stages modulator noise intermodulation/ cross modulation sideband splatter
how can Radar transmitters produce spurious emissions? Arcing in PA stage, waveguide rotary joint or antenna
What are the most common source of EMI? Electrical Motors and Generators
How is Rotating electrical machinery interference generated? Arcing Induction Ripple Slot Harmonics
A Ripple is present in some degree in the output of all .... DC generators
This Interference is caused by electrical storms, snowstorms, rain particles, or interstellar radiation Natural interference
What causes Inherent Interference? Thermal agitation of electrons in the circuit resistance.
Interference is transferred from an interfering source to the affected equipment by what two methods? Conduction Radiation
Involves the transfer of undesired energy through conductors between a source of interference and a susceptible device. Conducted EMI
What are the most common paths for conduction currents? power supply cables control and accessory cables grounding systems transmission lines
What factors affect EMI? Type of circuit Frequencies power capacitive and inductive coupling between parts of circuit
How can you prevent Broadband Emissions? eliminate discontinuities such as corroded junctions, stray metal objects, long length of guy wires, unused cables and antennas
This is caused by improperly tuned circuits, over modulation, or faulty equipment Spurious Sidebands (splatter)
What is the Military specification for 2nd harmonic level? must be at least 60db below the fundamental
What is the Military specification for 3rd or higher harmonic levels? must be at least 80db below the fundamental
Occurs when a circuit is self-excited and goes into oscillation at a frequency other than the desired one. Parasitic oscillations
The Effect of _______ is similar to atmoshperic noise. Transmitter noise
Is the transfer of modulation from one carrier to another Cross Modulation
Is the genertation of numerous new frequencie from two or more original signals Intermodulation
Can Intermodulation and Cross modulation occur at th same time? yes
What is a common way to prevent cross and intermodulation? using multicouplers
What are three ways signals intrude on selected signals? Linear intrusion, Nonlinear intrusion, Intrusion through ports not intended for signal path
Typical broadband noise sources are: Thermal noise, Shot noise, Galactic noise, Solar noise, Atmospheric noise
Typical man-made noise sources are: discharge frm high voltage lines noise, from auto ignitions Commutor noise, noise from switching systems, noise from lamps, Arcing
How can you reduce Broadband noise? Limiting and Blanking
What is the most common broadband noise? White noise
This interference occurs when the center frequency or carrier of an undesired signal falls in any portion of the passband of another receiver. Co-channel interference
Why is Co-channel interference greater than any other interference? it is received, amplified, heterodyned, and detected in the same manner as a desired signal
This interference happens when a receiver receives two different frequencies at the same point of the dial Image Frequency Interference
To reduce this type of Interference insert a series,or parallel- resonant circuit, tuned to the susceptible frequency in the RF stage. Intermediate Frequency interference
What is Intermediate Frequency interference? The penetration of unwanted signals that are centered a any pass frequency within the receiver
Occurs when a strongunwated signal penetrates the input filter circuit and encounters a nonlinear element. Non-linear intrusion
occur when unwanting mixing takes place in nonlinear elements external to the receiver Hull-generated interference
Why is Hull-generated interference a major problem on ships? Increase in Transmitter power levels, incease in receivers' sensitivity, increased use of the spectrum less mounting spaces from antennas
radio interference due to interactions with dirty connections or corroded parts Rusty Bolt effect
What are the major causes of corrosion? Galvanic,Fatigue,Crevice, Stress, Welding
What must happen in order for galvanic action to occur? Current must flow
The breakdown of a protective film on te metals caused by bending and vibration results in this corrosion Fatigue Corrosion
How can you eliminate crevice corrosion? smoothing surfaces and filling crevices
Occurs when internally or externally stressed metals are exposed to a corrosive environment Stress corrosion
What is the output of Heterodyning Original two frequencies, Sum/ Difference of the orignial two frequencies, All of their Harmonics
To combine (a radio-frequency wave) with a locally generated wave of different frequency in order to produce a new frequency equal to the sum or difference of the two is known as what? Heterodyning
What are common causes of Hull-generated interferece on boat? Loose metallic items ,Corroded stanchions and metallic life lines,Rusty anchors Rusty chains, Metallic safety net, chains, cables
Radar systems can create interference in what ways? Arching from wave guides,Rotary Joints and Mast cables RF leakage from waveguides
what are ways to detect arcing inside of a wave guide? Discoloration in the wave guide hot spots on the wave guide VSWR Checks
What causes arcing in Rotary Joints? Dirt Degeration, Misalignent
Interference between radars appear as a series of moving dots is known as? running rabbits
What are thetwo techniques of bonding? Direct and Indirect
achieved by direct metal-to-metal contact between two meal items trough he process of weldng and bonding Direct bonding
Achieved by the use of a bonding jumper or bots between two metals Indirect bonding
this EMI reduction technique is a means of decoupling and reducing interaction between equipment Shielding
Metal-to Metal contact must be maintained by a pressure of approximately_____ psi 20 psi
This EMI reduction technique is a combination of circuit components designed to pass currents at certain frequencies Filter
A filter's test voltage should be ___ times the filter's nameplate twice
What characteristics should be considered when making a filter selection? Voltage rating, Operating frequency, Voltage drop, maximum amient temperatures, attenuation,minimum filter life, circuit requirements
What ae the different tyoes if cables? Active, Passive, Susceptible
What is the minimum seperation requirements when placing an ACTIVE cable near an active, passive or susceptible cable? 18",18" 18"
What is the minimum seperation requirements when placing a PASSIVE cable near an active, passive or susceptible cable? 18", NONE, 2"
What is the minimum seperation requirements when placing a SUSCEPTIBLE cable near an active, passive or susceptible cable? 18", 2", none
TRUE OR FALSE: Cables carrying varying current or voltage should be routed seperately from cables carrying DC. TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: cables carrying audio frequency can begrouped together FALSE: they shold be routed seperately from each other
TRUE OR FALSE: Coaxial cables shoud be routed separatey fom all other cables such as control cables TRUE
TRUE OR FALSE: Unshielded antenna transmission lines should be routed in the shortest most direct route and close to other antenna cabling FALSE: Unshielded antenna transmission lines should be routed in the shortest most direct route and as far from other antenna cabling
Which of the following choices is not a type of EMI? man-made, Inherent, Unnatural, Natural Unnatural
What is the transfer of modulation from on carrier to another calld? Cross Modulation
What is the generation of numerous new frequencies from twoor more signals called? Intermodulation
An asset is defined as... Any USCG Cutter, Barge or Boat
TCTO's shall be initiated by submitting a ____ with an attached draft TCTO FORM CG-22
When does an Operational Requirements Document (ORD) need to accompany a TCTO draft? When the TCTO proposes an improvement in assest operational capability
WHat is the definition of "change of form"? Any change that affects the wieght, balance, or movement of inertia of a component
Whatis an Operational Requirement Document (ORD)? A top level decision document which establishes the minimum acceptable standards of performance and optimum performance goals for an assest
Which section of the TCTO draft document contains the amplifying information? Body
Field Change furnishes a field change part kit required to complete the change. Also requires unit to complete alterations and add changes to technical documentation Type 1
A field change part kit includes the following: Activity control number, field change bulletin, installation procedures, parts and special tools
Field Change that furnishes documentation only. Also requires unit to procure parts, complete alterations, add changes to tech documentations Type 2
Field change that furnihes documentation, some parts and some tools. Type 3
Field change implements changes to technical documentation only Type 4
Who notifies the activity supervisor that a field change package is being delivered and provides shipping number for tracking? SMEF or ELC
Who verifies the appicability of the field changes in the CGPMS Work Schedue Book? the personnel assigned to install the field change
Who can complete a field change? Units ET, Supporting Unit, SMEF, Contractor
What document is submitted to ELC to report a field change has been installed? OPNAV 4790 C/K
TRUE OR FASE: Engineering changes can only be made when directed by an authorized field change TRUE
Who has final approving authority for implementing an emergency alteration? CO
OPNAV 4790 C/K are submitted to who? Configuration Data manager
What are the different exceptions for alterating equipment? Emergency situations, Urgent situations
Who can authorize an urgent alteration? Electronics Advisory (ALDIST), SMEF Adivsory, Field Change Bulletin
A procedure not formerly documented that is useful in servicing electronic equipment but does not change the configuration Maintenance Hint
Net life cycle savings the the government of more than _____will assign an urgent priority to a field change $100,000
"Depot change" field change is_____ interchangeable and requires mainframe wiring or component changes Not Directly
Navy-type field changes initiated by the Navy begin with ____? 1
Navy-type field changes initiated by the CG consecutively start with_____? 91
A Number issued by the ELC Activity Control Number
Questions concerning Navy Type field changes may be addressed to who? Engineering Logistic Center (elc) (code 016) or Commandnt
TRUE or FALSE: Navy ISEA has similar functionality to a CG SMEF TRUE
ELC is also known as CODE___ 016
Units forward information concerning a change to commercial equipment not previously published or authorized to who? SMEF or NAVSEA
What documentation is required for completed field changes? Field change Accomplishment Plate, OPNAV 4790 C/K
What document is used to document minor errors in the Field Change bulletin? Errata Sheet
Field changes issued directly by a commericial manufacturer are___ not permitted
When should units use Local PMS? When both Navy PMS and CGPMS is unavailable
Who is responsible for integrating CGPMS procedures into the unit work schedule and ensures compliance? CO
What logisitic management program combines several applications in order to provide the necessary function? ALMIS
Who is responsibl for reviewing FBRs? EMO
Who can approve LPMS for equipment? SMEF
What does ACMS stand for? Asset Computerizd Management System
If any deficiencies are discovered with in the publication for modernized assets, wht should be completed? CG-22 Aeronautical Publication Change recommendation form
Man hours on an almis MPC should be rounded to the nearest____ tenth
A Document that provides the necesary steps to perform the required procedures Text Card
What goes in the Technician ID block on an ALMIS MPC? Last 4 digits of SSN
What is the maintenance schedule in ALMIS called? Asset Maintenance Due List calendar (MDL)
What is CG-5453 LPMS Annual Schedule
What is CG-5452 LPMS Monthly schedule
What must be done for inclusion into NPMS Send a letter, OPNAV 4790 C/K to CO, NAVSEA, CODE 914
How do you track NPMS ALMIS
What do you use NPMS for? NAvy-owned NAvy-type equipment
Where can you find more details on ordering NPMS materials? 7.2.3 in the Electronics manual
What document contains all available CGPMS procedures and all Navy maintenance Idex of Procedures( MIP) for Navy equipment usedby the CG? Master Index
What document isa list of all CGPMS materials for electronic equipment installed at or supported by unit and contains annual maintenance hours for equipment List of Effective IMPs
How frequently is the CGPMS user Guide updated? as needed basis
How can the CGPMS Guide be ordered? SFLC by FBR or Memo
What is the supply policy and procedures manual number? COMDINST M4400.19
What is the Electonics Manual number? COMDINST M10550.25
What is equipment tag-out procedures manual? COMDINST 9077.1
What is the Navy Ships Maintenance and Material Management Manual number? OPNAVINST 4790.4
What is the Ordanance Manual number? COMDINST M8000.2
What is the name of the index of all applicable MPCs for a given piece of equipment or system? Index of Maintenance Procedures (IMP)
What is the card of step by step maintenance actions to be performed on an electronic equipment system called? Maintenance Procedure Card (MPC)
What is detailed explanation of the various components of CGPMS and how they are used? CGPMS User Guide
Who briefs the CO or OinC on the Status of unit's CGPMS? EMO
Who ensures CGPMS is in the unit's training schedule? EMO
Who reviews FBRs? EMO
Who reviews and inspects CGPMS work schedules to ensure they are current and complete? EMO
Who maintains the CGPMS work Schedule Books( WSBs) EMO
What does EMO stand for? Electronics Maintenance Officer
If the unit does not have an EMOwho assumes the appropriate duties of the EMO? Senior Technician
Who ensures equipment History Forms are completed and current? Senior Technician
Who maintains a current CGPMS Library? Senior Technician
Who initiaites requests for CGPMS revision using FBRs? Senior Technician
Who incorporates CGPMS into the unit's training schedule? Senior Technician
Who schedules and performs planned maintenance? Senior Technician
Who ensures appropriate support facility maintains unitPMS if an ET is not assigned? Unit CO or OinC
Who provides qualified personnel to perform CGPMS and submit Feedback reports? Unit CO or OinC
Who requests required waivers of compliance from proper authority? Unit Co or OinC
What does FBR stand for? Feedback report
A test or battery of tests that verifies that the installed or modified equipment, systems, interfaces with exsiting systems are properly installed and operates as intended at the platfomr specific location and environment SOVT
The role of the ET in a SOVT process will br to serve as a ______ Platform Witness
what is the purpose of the platform witness? observe an verify: required test,results, discrepancies found, and verify test completion
This section of a SOVT introduces and summarizes the SOVT document Introduction and Administration, Section 1
This section of a SOVT describes those aspects of the system or specific installation that should be inspected and validated Inspection and Validation Tests, Section 2
Where are the results of an SOVT Audit recorded? Appendix A of the SOVT Document
This section of a SOVT provides procedures to ensure the installation has ben accomplished in accordance with approved installation plans and specifications. Cold checks, Section 3
This section provides "off-line" testing procedures that determine if individual equpment performs within the execpted performance parameters. Equipment Tests, Section 4
Section 4 of a SOVT is performed in ____ from the integrated system. Isolation
This section of a SOVT provides procedures for testing within a single system. Intra- System Tests, Section 5
Section 1 of SOVT Introduction and Administration
Section 2 of a SOVT Inspection and Validation Test
Section 3 of a SOVT COld Checks
Section 4 of a SOVT Equipment Tests
Section 5 of a SOVT Intra-System Tests
Section 6 of a SOVT Inter-System Tests
This section provides procedures that test the functionality and interfaces between the installed or changed system Inter-System Tests, Section 6
Section 7 of a SOVT Operational Tests
Section 8 of a SOVT AT-SEA and Other Special Test
This section of a SOVT provides procedures that cutover the newly installed or upgraded system to an "on-line" status and test functions that couldn't be tested "off-line". Operational test, Section 7
This section provides procedures that are specifically aimed at conductinga tes or a series of test in a rea time "at-sea" scenario. At-Sea and Other Special Tests
What SOVT document is always submitted to SMEF for the system? Appendix
What is a signed SOVT? a completed or executed SOVT plan that has been witnessed and signed, with all test results and any descrepancies recorded
What does SOVT stand for? System Operation and Verification Test
Consist of a network of earth electrode rods, plates, mats, or rids and thier interconnecting conductors. earth electrode subsystem
What components make up an earth electrode subsystem? 1. a system of buried, driven rods interconnected with bare wire that normally form a ring around the building 2. Metallic pipe system that have no insulation joints 3. a ground plane of horizontal buried wires
What is the most common type of ground rods? Copper-clad steel
What is the length and diameter of a typical grounding rod? 10ft long by 3/4in. diameter
The metal framework of a building may exhibit a resistance to the earth of less than ____ 10 ohms
Shipboard ground planes are used to provide a ground in _____ metallic, non-metallic hull ships
paths between two metallic surfaces and are created using a variety of methods Bonds
Class A Bond Welding of metallic surfaces
Class B Bond Bolting or Clamping metallic surfaces
Class C Bond Bridging using a metallic(conductive)strap
For a completelist of Shipboard ground plane requirements refer to which manual? MIL-STD-131G (Navy)
DC resistance across bonding and grounding junctions shall not exceed ____ 0.1 ohms
RF impedence across bonding and grounding junctions shallnot exceed ____ at ______ 25 ohms at 30MHZ
All class___ extenstions to the ship's ground potential shall be designated as the ship's ground plane Class A
Refer to MIL-STD-188-124B for____ earth Electrode Subsystems
Components of a fault protection subsystem include: fault protection conductors, fault protection devices
Provides a low impedance path to ground y interconnecting all equipment to the facility's earth electrode subsystem using grounding conductors Fault Protection subsystem
When installing an earth electrode subsystem, which wire color denotes the gounding conductor? green
What metals are resistant to corrosive conditions? copper, aluminum, copper-clad steel
Types of grounding electrode conductors may be: solid, stranded, insulated, covered, bare wires
Types of fault protection devices may be: fuses, circuit breakers, ground fault sensors, ground fault circuit interrupters
What are GFCIs? ground fault circuit interrupters
Fuses should be in _____ with each underground service conductor. series
_____Allows for manually breaking, carying, and breaking currents under normal circuit conditions Circuit breakers
_____Operates in a manner similiar to GFCI but primarily serve to protect equipment from fault conditions. Ground Fault Sensors
____ monitors the current supplied from the ource and the current returning from the load GFCI
GFCIs should be installe on ____ volt, single phase, 15 and 20 ampere receptcles of C-E fcilities 120 volts
What are the five effects of lightning? thermal, mechanical, electrical, conductor impedance, induced voltage
Lightning protection devices include: air terminals, down conductors, ground rods
The tip of the air terminal should be a least ___ inches above the structure you are proctecting 10 inches
What does FDVS stand for? Flight Deck Video System
A Zoom lens must be mounted on a ___ mechanism Pan/ tilt
A Zoom lens must be able to capture a helo approach path from ___ mile aft of the ship. 1/4
What are the requirements of the second camera used in FDVS? wide angle fixed lens
FDVS must meet the requirements outlined in what manual? Shipboard Helicopter Operations Facility Certification Program. COMDTINST 3120.13
What is COMDINST 3120.13? Shipboard Helicopter Operations Facility Certification Program.
The unit by which illumination is measured LUX
Low light level(LLL) is less than ___ .95
Extremely Low Light Level is less than____ .0003
Low Light Level for training purposes is less than___ >0025
Who established the Lux requiremtns for FDVS? ATC Mobile
FDVS must meet a forecasted life cycle of __ years 5
Normally blue indicator will turn ___ with excess humidity. pink
Camera housing is pressurized with ___psi of dry nitrogen 5
The pan/tilt must meet what standard? NEMA-6 weatherproof
What is needed for the zoom or wide-angle camera to function properly? light
What does COTS stand for? Current off the shelf
Who supports FDVS? ELC through the APA Reparable (0C) program
Repair of FDVS is completed at ___ level Depot
What is the Depot Level repair center for FDVS CG YARD
This platform has FDVS signals going through PASSIVE switches for monitoring at the HCS from various camera locations 399 WAGB Icebreakers
This platform has FDVS signals passing through a VIDEO SWITCH MATRIX 378' WHEC
This platform has FDVS signals passing through a VIDEO DISTRIBUTION AMPLIFIERS, video cassette recorders and SCCS 270' WMEC
This platform has FDVS signals passing through 24-HOUR TIME LASPSE video recorder 210' WMEC
Subsequent lightning strikes will discharge about ___ the current of each preceding lightning strike. half
What is NFPA No. 780? Lightning Protection Code
Who issued the Lightning Protection Code? Nation Fire Prevention Association
To protect a structure, such as a building, vessel, mast, etc... from lightning damage, the grounding cable should be ____ AWG 0000
If a building has a SLOPING ROOF, then the air terminal placement should be.... 20ft apart if height is less than 24 inches, and 25ft apart if height is equal or greater than 24in.
The maximum DC resistance shall not be greater than ___ ohms per 1000ft when down conductors are less than 75 ft. 0.176 ohms
The maximum DC resistance shall not be greater than ____ ohms per 1000ft when down conductors are greater than 75ft. 0.088 ohms
How frequently does Lightning protection subsystem need to be visually inspected? every two months
How frequently does Lightning protection subsystem need to be mechanically inspected? every 12 months
What are the advantages of a floating ground configuration? prevents noise from being conductively coupled
DC resistance across bonding and grounding junctions shall not exceed ___ ohms. .1
What references are used when inspecting a fault protection subsystem? MIL-STD-188-124B, NEC documentation, MIL-HDBK-419
What is the recommended frequency used in a single point ground configuration? up to 300kHZ
What are the three systems that use a signal reference grounding system? HF, LF, Hybrid
What are the different types of grounding configurations? Floating, Single-point, Multi-point
Which grounding configuration is preferred for Communication Electronics? Multi-point(equipotential)
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