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Pulmonary Nodules


Tiny discrete pulmonary densities usually of uniform size and widespread distribution up to 2mm or less in size ? * Miliary
More than one lung density that measures up to 3cm ? * Multiple Nodules
Classes that cause nodules ? * Inflammatory/Infective, Neoplastic, Autoimmune, Vascular, Other
Some things that can look like lung nodules ? * broken bones, nipples, cutaneous lesions
Most common fungal infection that causes lung nodules ? * Candida
Ohio, Mississippi, St. Lawrence River valleys common fungal infection ? * histoplasmosis
Top lesion to think about if the image shows a cavitating lesion ? *SCC
Malignant characteristics ? * over 3cm, irreg shape, growth in under 2 yrs,and not calcified
Benign Characteristics ? * under 3cm, defined regular edges/shape, calcified, and not cavitated
Common infection in Asthmatics ? * Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis
If the patient is a drug user ? * see septic emboli
If the patient is a drug user ? * see septic emboli
Common in someone that has multiple nodules on imaging ? * Adenocarcinoma in another location
Critical for a differential ? * Hx
When to biopsy ? * Always biopsy
Created by: thamrick800