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Dialysis M3

Exam 4

what parts can be replaced on hemodialysis machinges supply hoses, o-rings, dialyzer filters, battery
daily mait. heat, acid rinse
weekly maint. bleach
regular rinse done at the start of the day and after bleach
machines are bleaches q48-72 hours when not in use
RO's are back-flushed q48-72 hours
do not store machines in hot areas due to bacteria
dialysate line connectors places in 0.1% bleach solution
AMMI sets the standard for water quality in Dialysis
EPA passed water safety act in 1974 and 1994
mixes hot and cold water to maintain temp at 60-85 degrees
booster pump gives the syster the pressure it needs
multimedia filter removes large particles
water softener removes calcium and magnesium and work by ion exchange
Ro filter removes carbon
if the water is hard what does this mean? the water softner is not working but you can still continue my treatment
check for water hardness each day
filtration is used to remove particles, solutes and other substances
AAMI reccomends sedimet filters of both types and keep out light to prevent? bacteria
carbon filters remove chloride, chloramine and or
first tank is the worker
second tank is the polisher
carbon filter required empty time between 6-10 minutes
do carbon filters remove electrolites no
does the water softner remove electrolites yes
In some systems, ___________ are used to remove bacteria and endotoxins ultrafilters
deionization process which exchanges ions in a solution
disadvantages to deionization doesnt remove bacteria
reverse osmosis (RO) process using pressurized filtration to remove chemical
RO temp 77-82 Degrees F
equiptment should be operating atleats 10-30 minutes prior to sample
remove atleast ____ before testing 1 liter
anemia decreased stimulus for RBC due to decreased erythropoietin
iorn deficiency blood loss
recommended EPO dose 80-120 units KG per week
EPO may increase BP
total body iorn averages 3-4 grams
iorn is stored in the liver, spleen and bone marrow
serum iorn 75-175 g/dl
take oral iorn 1 hour before or 1 hour after meals
when taking IV iorn you should monitor LFT's
IV iorn is contrainicated liver prolems
different types of concentrate liquid, powder and acid
bicarb types liquid and powder
concentrate is the dialysate
conductivity plus or minus 2
recheck conductivity after 5 minutes draw up 10 ml
flush the RO 48-72 hours
dont heat bleach and renilin
dialysate bath a fluid that helps remove uremic waste products and excessive electrolytes
replacing needed chemicals such as electrolytes and glucose reverse diffusion
blood with a high concentration of wastes move to dialysate solution with a lower concentration
hyponatremia low bp, cramping, hemolysis
hypernatremia thirst, HA, high bo, crenation of rbc's
disequilibrium HA, N/V, tremors/ seizures
sodium major electrolyte of extracellular fluid
sodium concentration is slightly ____ then normal serum in the blood less
lower sodium in the concentration helps maintain high BP
sodium is the most important single factor in thirst
Created by: SGT WEAVER
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