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M3 Test 4

Army Dialysis School

How is dialysate bath defined? A fluid that helps remove uremic waste products and excessive electrolytes (urea, creatinine, sodium, potassium, etc.) from patients’ blood
What is the normal Serum level of Sodium? 135-145 meq/L
Drinking water is regulated by what department of the government? EPA - Water Safety Act 1974 and 1994
Who sets the standards on water quality for dialysis? AAMI
What chemicals are used to purify drinking water? Chloramine - bacteria Alum - Heavy metals
What does a water softener do? ion exchange device that exchanges calcium and magnesium for sodium
When is a water softener regenerated? When it runs out of sodium.
What is the process of a water softener regereation? The dirty resin is washed by the brine tank to reattach Sodium to the resin.
When must a water softener never be regenerated? During dialysis treatments
How often should a water softener be regenerated? Daily or alternating days
For each calcium ion removed what is added? 2 sodium ions
What is tested in the water softener to test it's "hardness"? Calcium Carbonate
What are the types of filters used in a dialysis water system? Sediment Filter, Carbon filter, and Ultrafilter
What removes electrolytes from city water? Water Softener
What removes chloramine and chlorine from city water? Carbon Filter Tank
What is the average amount of carbon filter tanks in a water room? 2
What are the name of the 2 tanks? Worker and polisher
What are the disadvantage of a water softener? Potential for acterial growth and potential hypernatremia
What is a disadvantage of carbon tank removing chlorine? Removes chlorine causing increased bacterical growth potential downstream
What is the most effective way to filter endotoxins? Ultrafiltration
What does a deionizer do? Removes all cations and anions
What is the disadvantage to a deionizer? Doesn't remove organisms, Resin beds when exhausted release their particulates
What does RO stand for? Reverse Osmosis
Which process removes 90-99% of electrolytes, bacteria, organic particles, viruses, pyrogens, particles and endotoxins? Reverse Osmosis (RO)
How does an RO work? Increases Hydrostatic pressure forcing Osmosis
What are disadvantages to an RO? Requires pretreatment, sensitive membranes, Expendsive, 8.0 PH required, Membrane must be wet at all times.
What is the maximum acceptable limit of bacteria in a RO Product water according to AAMI? 200 colony forming units per milliter (200 cfu/ml)
What is the maximum acceptable limit of bacteris in a Dialysis machine according to AAMI? 2000 colony forming units per milliter (2000 cfu/ml)
How long must the machine be running before taking test samples? 10-30 minutes
True or False You test before and after disinfection? True - This is to prove the disinfectant process is working
Can vinegar be used for an acid clean? Yes vinegar is an acceptable substitue for Acid
What is used to check the wuality of an RO? Conductivity Test
What does a Residual Test test for? It tests for any remaining disinfectant?
What is the order of a water room? City water, Softener and Brine, Worker Carbon Tank, Polisher Carbon Tank, RO, Holding Tank, UV Light, Dialysis Machine Loop
What are your Daily cleans? Acid/Vinegar, Heat and Rinse
What are your weekly cleans? Bleach and rinse
What is the monthly clean? Renalin (mincare) and rinse
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