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WW1 Vocab. Quiz

Militarism the belief that a nation needs a large military
Nationalism having strong feelings of pride, loyalty and protectiveness toward their own countries
Imperialism Economic, political and military control over a weaker nation
Central Powers Austria-Hungary, Germany, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria
Allies Britain, France, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Portugal and the U.S.
Trench Warfare Warfare used during WWI where troops were huddled at bottom of trenches and fired weapons and artillery from there.
U-boat New weapon developed and used by Germany to block trade during WWI
Woodrow Wilson President during WWI that wanted U.S. to remain neutral but through series of events was forced to declare war on Germany
Neutrality Countries that chose not to take sides during the war.
Zimmerman Telegram Germany sends telegram to Mexico proposing alliance and in return Germany would help Mexico get back Texas, New Mexico and Arizona
Lusitania British passenger ship that was sunk by German u-boat. Eventually became an American cause to war
Russian Revolution When Communist Bolsheviks overthrow Russian czar (king) due to food shortages and class separation. Causes Russia to withdraw from war and American entry into WWI.
John J. Pershing Leader of the American Expeditionary Force during WWI
American Expeditionary Force American WWI soldiers
Convoy System large destroyer ships would escort merchant ships across Atlantic to prevent boat attacks
Second Battle of the Marne Turning point of WWI when Allies cut off German supply lines and force them out of French territory.
Alvin York Tried to avoid the draft for religious reasons but entered war and took out 25 German machine gunners
Armistice Treaty to end fighting
War bonds Low interest loans by civilians to the government to fund the war meant to be repaid after a number of years
Propaganda opinions expressed for the purpose of influencing the actions of others. "Selling the war"
Espionage Act & Sedition Act Laws that set heavy fines and long prison terms for speaking out against the war.
Eugene Debbs Socialist party leader that was put in prison for 10 years for making a speech about how the war only profited wealthy business owners
Schenck v. United States Supreme Court ruling that freedom of speech can be limited during times of war to protect the nation
Great Migration African Americans move from south to north during WWI to get jobs and escape discrimination
League of Nations Association of nations to peacefully settle disputes and prevent future wars
Fourteen Points President Wilson's goals for peace after WWI. Rejected by European nations.
Treaty of Versailles Forced Germany to accept full responsibility for the war. Lost colonies, paid total cost and reduced size of military
Reparations Money that a defeated nation pays for the destruction caused by war.
Selective Service Act Required that all men between the ages of 21-30 sign up for military service.
Created by: chetjenn